The following is a list of edits made to the 4 part OVA, Blue Submarine No. 6, that aired on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. This list can be found on[1]


  1. Shadow defining mannequin's breasts removed.
  2. Scene of Mayumi stepping on a syringe cut.
  3. Shot of Hayami's nudie magazines cut.
  4. Scene of Hayami lighting a cigarette on the roof cut.
  5. Cigarette removed from Hayami's roof scenes. Nonetheless the smoke remains.
  6. Mutio's nipples removed.
  7. Blood removed when Mutio bites Hayami's arm.
  8. Mayumi's "kill" changed to "destroy".


  1. ASW operator's "ass" changed to “rear."
  2. Scene of Mutio pulling the bleeding mermaid corpse out of the umikumo cut.
  3. Scenes of Hayami smoking in the galley cut or the cigarette was digitally removed.
  4. Hayami's "can I smoke" changed to "can I help.”
  5. Verg's "killed them all" changed to "got them all.”
  6. Scene of Verg sticking his tongue into a mermaid's mouth cut.
  7. Scene of Verg chewing on Mutio's ear cut.
  8. Opening of mission briefing snipped for time.
  9. All cigarettes removed from the briefing room.
  10. Zorndyke's "aren't you a Christian" changed to "aren't you religious.”
  11. Briefing room riot snipped for time.
  12. Kino's "blood on your hands" changed to "dirt on your conscience.”
  13. Hayami's cigarette is now a toothpick.
  14. Hayami's cigarette originally fell from his mouth but the toothpick stayed in place.
  15. Scene of severed arm striking Hayami's cockpit blister cut.
  16. Not an Edit... Iga's "Get that damn gate open now!" left intact.
  17. Verg's "kill them" changed to "finish them.”


  1. Hayami's "I didn't kill him" changed to "I didn't do it.”
  2. Hayami's "trying to kill me" changed to "trying to beat me.“
  3. Scene of Hayami's cigarettes drying cut.
  4. Slow pan up Mutio's body cut.
  5. Cigarette removed from Hayami's mouth.
  6. Hayami's "kill ten billion people" changed to "wipe out ten billion people.”
  7. Evolved Mutio's breasts removed.
  8. Hayami's "kill him, kill him" changed to "get him, get him.”
  9. Verg's "kill" changed to “attack."
  10. Hayami's "kill" changed to “destroy.”
  11. Verg's "kill" changed to “get.”
  12. Musuca's blood is blue instead of red.
  13. Scene of sinking, bleeding musuca cut.
  14. Hayami's "pawns killing each other" changed to "pawns battling each other.“
  15. Yuri's "son of a bitch" changed to "blasted traitor.”
  16. Hayami's "bloodbath" changed to “Armageddon."
  17. Iga's "both sides want blood" changed to "both sides want battle.”


  1. Mutio's nipples removed again.
  2. Musuca blood removed from the Antarctic Ocean.
  3. Adm. Gilford's "we're not going to die like this" changed to "we're not going down like this.”
  4. Hayami's "you're nuts" to Kino removed.
  5. Frieda and Alexander's reparte after Blue 6 completes her loop cut.
  6. Close range fight between Blue Fleet and the Musucas cut.
  7. Breasts removed from Treewoman.
  8. Hayami's exchange with Zorndyke clipped for time.
  9. Kino's "why did you kill them" changed to "what did they ever do to you.”
  10. Kino's "I'll kill you" changed to "you're gonna pay.”
  11. Zorndyke's "if you shoot me" changed to "if you hurt me" then "if you finish me.”
  12. Treewoman cropped out of shot of Zorndyke opening his shirt
  13. Iga's "GO TO HELL" changed to "suck on this.”
  14. Zorndyke's "lid to Hell" changed to "Pandora's Box.”
  15. Zorndyke's "shoot me" changed to "eliminate me.”
  16. Verg's wounds now bleed blue.
  17. Verg's "you killed him" changed to "you did this.”
  18. Verg telling Hayami to die cut.
  19. Blood removed from Hayami's face.
  20. Verg's battering of Hayami shortened. Sprays of blood removed.
  21. Scene of Verg strangling Hayami in the air shortened.
  22. Verg's penis removed.
  23. Spray of blood removed when Verg tears off his voicebox.
  24. Hayami's cigarette removed.
  25. Hayami's "I've killed so many people" changed to "I've destroyed so many people.”
  26. Numerous scenes with Zorndyke shortened for time.


  1. Pope, Kyle (December 3, 2001). "Blue Submarine # 6 - The Edit List ". Anime News Network. Retrieved on January 5, 2015. 

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