The Absolution is Cartoon Network's only intergalactic broadcast vehicle. Originally named the Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution, it was bought by Moltar in order to explore new galaxies, but he could not run it. Instead, Moltar chose an AI named TOM to, after having shown bravery in the face of metal-eating creatures. During the T.I.E. "The Intruder", an engine was blown off in order to free the ship of a mysterious red goo; it was then revamped with two new engines. When the space pirate Orcelot Rex forced his way into the Absolution, it was destroyed; TOM then acquired a new ship, dubbed "The Absolution Mk II." In 2007 it was removed and Toonami was hosted by TOM without the ship until the block's demise in 2008. When Toonami was revived in 2012, an updated HD version of the Absolution Mk. II was introduced and dubbed the Mk. II.5. A year later the Absolution Mk. III was introduced, piloted by TOM 5, and served as the broadcasting station for Toonami until it was destroyed during The Intruder II.

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