Clyde-53 thumb
The Clyde 53s are another model of Clydes aboard the Absolution during the latter half of the TOM 3 era and also during the TOM 3.5 era. The Clyde 53s resemble beetles and are seen being sent to planet's surfaces to examine the soil of a particular planet to see if it has the proper fuel to help power Toonami and the Absolution. Clyde 53s are also seen uploading videos inside the Absolution begin broadcasting Toonami. They appear to have limited Artifical Intelligence like the Clyde 50s and Clyde 51s. Little to nothing is known about them at this point but they did appear frequently in bumps during the TOM 3.5 era and also during the later part of the TOM 3 era. As of yet, it is unknown what became of them as of the TOM 5 era.

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