Clyde 55 (Front View)
Clyde 55 (Side View)

The Clyde 55s were the model of Clydes aboard the Absolution during the TOM 5 era, they made their first and only appearance racing down a hallway in a bumper on November 23, 2013, the bumper ended when the blue Clyde 55 crashed and broke into pieces.

The Clyde 55s resemble floating heads with two big glowing blue eyes. Each Clyde 55 appears to have a different color scheme. They all have a white base but the secondary color differs between black, blue and yellow. They appear to have limited artifical intelligence like most of the previous Clyde incarnations.

Although not featured in The Intruder II, it was confirmed by Toonami co-creator Jason DeMarco that the Clydes were destroyed along with the Absolution.[1]

NEW CLYDES 11-23-1300:13

NEW CLYDES 11-23-13


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