Dragon Ball Super

Series OverviewEdit

Color Saga Episodes U.S. Season Premiere U.S. Season Finale
Battle of Gods Saga 14 January 7, 2017 April 15, 2017
Resurrection 'F' Saga 13 April 22, 2017 TBA

Battle of Gods Saga (2015)Edit

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Toonami Airdate

01 01 "A Peaceful Reward: Who Gets the 100,000,000
July 5, 2015 January 7, 2017
Goku is farming with Goten when Mr. Satan tries to give him 100 Million Zeni! Goten and Trunks try to find a gift to Videl.
02 02 "To the Promised Resort! Vegeta Takes a Family
July 12, 2015 January 14, 2017
Vegeta and his family go on a family trip while Goku trains. Beerus remembers the Super Saiyan God in his dream.
03 03 "Where Does the Dream Pick Up? Find the
Super Saiyan God!
July 19, 2015 January 21, 2017
Beerus and Whis track down the Super Saiyan God. Meanwhile, Bulma and her friends set up her birthday party.
04 04 "Bid for the Dragon Balls! Pilaf and Crew's
Impossible Mission!"
August 2, 2015 January 28, 2017
The Pilaf Gang end up at Bulma's birthday party to steal the Dragon Balls, but they are sidetracked. Meanwhile, Goku trains on King Kai's planet.
05 05 "Showdown on King Kai's World! Goku vs.
Beerus the Destroyer!"
August 9, 2015 February 4, 2017
While Goku is training, Beerus shows up at King Kai's planet. Goku suggests that they fight against King Kai's wishes, but Goku is later beaten by Beerus as a Super Saiyan 3.
06 06 "Don't Anger the Destroyer! A Heart-Pounding
Birthday Party"
August 16, 2015 February 11, 2017
Beerus arrives at Bulma's birthday party, and Vegeta tries his best to keep the God Of Destruction under wraps for the time being.
07 07 "How Dare You Do That To My Bulma! Vegeta's
Metamorphosis of Fury?"
August 23, 2015 February 18, 2017
The Z-Fighters attempt to subdue Beerus after he gets angry, to no avail. Vegeta transforms out of rage after witnessing Bulma get slapped.
08 08 "Goku Makes an Entrance! A Last Chance from
Lord Beerus?"
August 30, 2015 February 25, 2017
An enraged Vegeta fights Beerus, but is overwhelmed. Later, Beerus wins a rock-paper-scissors contest against Oolong, and decides to destroy Earth. Before he can, Goku returns.
09 09 "Thanks For Waiting, Lord Beerus! A Super
Saiyan God is Born At Last!"
September 6, 2015 March 4, 2017
After Goku asks Beerus for more time, they summon Shenron to find out how to achieve the Super Saiyan God form. They perform the ritual and Goku becomes a Super Saiyan God.
10 10 "Show Us, Goku! The Power of a Super Saiyan
September 13, 2015 March 11, 2017
After successfully becoming a Super Saiyan God, Goku challenges Beerus to another fight.
11 11 "Let's Keep Going, Lord Beerus! The Battle of
September 20, 2015 March 18, 2017
The battle between gods continues.
12 12 "The Universe Will Shatter? Clash!
Destroyer vs. Super Saiyan God!"
September 27, 2015 March 25, 2017
The destructive power of Goku and Beerus' fight puts the entire universe in danger.
13 13 "Goku, Surpass Super Saiyan God!" October 4, 2015 April 8, 2017
Although Goku loses the Super Saiyan God form, he absorbs and retains its power, and continues to fight Beerus.
14 14 "This is All the Power I've Got! A Settlement
Between Gods"
October 11, 2015 April 15, 2017
Goku ultimately loses the fight, but Beerus falls asleep before he can destroy Earth. He and Whis depart from Earth, and Gohan tells his dad the news of him becoming a father.

Resurrection 'F' Saga (2015-2016)Edit

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15 01 "Make a Miracle, Satan the Hero! A Challenge from Outer Space!" October 18, 2015 April 22, 2017
With Earth no longer in danger, Goku and the others return to their ordinary lives until a group of aliens land in the city. The aliens reveal that they are ambassadors who wish to thank and reward whoever defeated Beerus; thus protecting their planet from destruction.
16 02 "Vegeta Becomes a Student?! Win Over Whis!" October 25, 2015 April 29, 2017
Instead of working on the farm, Goku decides to rest and falls asleep. Krillin is very surprised to hear that Goku is still on Earth and not training with King Kai and he reminisces about his training with Goku under Master Roshi. Meanwhile, Vegeta is determined to improve his power by training under Whis.
17 03 "Pan is Born! And Goku Goes on a Training Journey?!" November 1, 2015 May 6, 2017
Pan has been born and while most of her family members and friends think that she should be taught martial arts, Chi-Chi is revolted by the very idea. Hearing of Vegeta's training, Goku approaches Whis and asks to become his pupil as well.
18 04 "I'm Here, Too! Training Commences on Beerus' World!" November 8, 2015 May 13, 2017
Goku and Whis arrive on Beerus' planet, where they begin training along with Vegeta. Somewhere in space, surviving members of Frieza's army, led by Sorbet, are working to resurrect their leader. Elsewhere, mysterious beings from a different universe, Champa and Vados, continue their search for Beerus.
19 05 "Despair Redux! The Return of the Evil Emperor, Frieza!" November 15, 2015 May 20, 2017
Goku and Vegeta continue their training under Whis on Beerus' planet. Meanwhile, Sorbet and his assistant Tagoma depart their ship and head for Earth in order to find the Dragon Balls, which they intend to use to resurrect Frieza.
20 06 "A Warning from Jaco! Frieza and 1,000 Soldiers Close In" November 22, 2015 June 3, 2017
Newly resurrected, Frieza plans his revenge against Goku and Future Trunks. When Frieza finds out that Goku has gotten much stronger since they last met, he decides to train in order to become more powerful. Four months later, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman travels to Earth to inform Bulma that Frieza has been revived and is approaching Earth with an army of one thousand soldiers.
21 07 "The Start of Vengeance! The Frieza Force's Malice Strikes Gohan!" November 29, 2015 June 10, 2017
Frieza and his army arrive on Earth, where Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Master Roshi, Tien, and Jaco have gathered to hold out until Goku and Vegeta return. Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta are oblivious to what is happening on Earth and continue their training under Whis.
22 08 "Change! An Unexpected Return! His Name is Ginyu!!" December 6, 2015 June 17, 2017
Tagoma powers up and confidently approaches the Z warriors, easily overpowering them, until Gotenks arrives to aid his comrades. While Tagoma is struggling to recuperate from Gotenks' attack, Captain Ginyu, in his frog form, accidentally uses his body swapping technique with Tagoma.
23 09 "Earth! Gohan! Both on the Ropes! Hurry and Get Here, Goku!!" December 13, 2015 June 24, 2017
Initially shocked to realize that Frieza is revived, Goku and Vegeta get set to return to Earth to fight. However, Goku's instant transmission would be impossible, due to the large distance between Earth and Beerus' planet, unless he could pinpoint a large energy source.
24 10 "Clash! Frieza vs. Goku -- This is the Result of My Training!" December 20, 2015 July 8, 2017
The battle between Goku and Frieza begins and they fight on even ground until Frieza resorts to attacking Krillin and Bulma. Attempting to save them, Goku is caught off guard and Frieza lands several blows. At the behest of an impatient Vegeta, the two fighters power up to their maximum power levels.
25 11 "A Full-Throttle Battle! The Vengeful Golden Frieza!" December 27, 2015 July 15, 2017
After briefly testing Goku's new transformation, super saipan blue, Frieza transforms into Golden Frieza. Both are impressed by the other's progress and engage in a fierce battle. However, still unused to his newest form, Goku struggles to keep up with Golden Frieza's speed and prowess.


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