Dragon Ball Z: Mission to Namek

Mission to Namek



Toonami Series

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z: Mission to Namek was a Macromedia Shockwave (now Adobe Shockwave) Toonami game that was available to play on beginning in 2001. The game is no longer available at


In this fighting game the player takes control of three of the Z warriors as they take on the Ginyu Force on Planet Namek. The Ginyu Force is destroying 5 locations on Namek and to stop them the player must fight them one at a time using his 3 warriors. In battle, the player chooses either to attack or defend until the enemy is defeated or until the player chooses to leave the battle. The player can also have his warriors train to learn 1 of 5 techniques that they can use in battle for more damage. Once a character learns all 5 techniques he becomes a super saiyan. After all 5 Ginyu Force members are defeated the player must defeat the final boss, Frieza, to win the game.


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