Series OverviewEdit

Color Season Episodes U.S. Season Premiere U.S. Season Finale
1 06 August 4, 2003 August 11, 2003

Season 1 (2000-2001)Edit


Episode Title

Japanese Airdate

English Airdate

Toonami Airdate

01 "Fooly Cooly / FLCL" April 26, 2000 August 4, 2003 October 26, 2013
Naota Nanadaba is just an ordinary boy, with an ordinary life, with ordinary people around him, living in an ordinary town... or at least that's what he believes. Between his eccentric father and unconventional grandfather and putting up with the advances of his older brother's teenage ex-girlfriend Mamimi, Naota isn’t leading a boring life at all! To make matters worse, a pink-haired, and apparently totally insane, girl named Haruko Haruhara shows up and turns Naota's life completely upside down!! What does Haruko want from Naota? And, why is he suddenly growing a large horn on his head?
02 "Fire Starter" June 21, 2000 August 5, 2003 November 2, 2013
Naota tries to get his life back to normal, but that's easier said than done when Haruko and a TV-headed robot are living with him! Even worse, he's growing another horn! Meanwhile, a string of fires have been occurring across town. Not coincidentally, Mamimi has become obsessed with the game "Fire Starter", as well as Naota's robot manservant, whom she calls Canti. What connection is there to the recent fires and the one that burned down the old elementary school years ago? And, why does Mamimi call her new pet, a little black kitten, "Ta-Kun", the same name she calls Naota?
03 "Marquis de Carabas" August 23, 2000 August 6, 2003 November 9, 2013
Naota's classmate, Eri Ninamori, is the perfect girl; she’s emotionally calm, a rational thinker, and is very rich to boot. However, all is not well as she has problems of her own. Her father, the mayor of Mabase, is involved in both a sex scandal and a lawsuit with the Medical Mechanica Corporation. In addition, she has to convince Naota to take the title role he was chosen for in their class production of "Puss in Boots". She soon learns about Naota's “secret”, his horns, which, this time, resemble cat ears. But, what levels will she stoop to get her way?
04 "Full Swing" October 25, 2000 August 7, 2003 November 16, 2013
When Haruko helps defeat Mabase's baseball team, which has been falling in quality ever since Naota's brother left them, Shigekuni drafts Canti onto their team to help even the odds! Meanwhile, Haruko and Kamon have been fooling around and Naota doesn't know whether he should be disgusted or jealous. The only thing he does know is that it is getting on his nerves! But then, a mysterious man named Amarao, who has "really odd eyebrows", comes along and gives Naota some strange advice about Haruko. Things then begin to go haywire, a malfunctioning satellite is heading straight for them and it's up to Naota, with a little help from Haruko, to stop it!
05 "Brittle Bullet" December 21, 2000 August 8, 2003 November 23, 2013
It’s Naota and Haruko Vs. Kamon and Canti in a battle with airsoft guns. As this “deadly” fight wages on, Kamon challenges Naota to a duel! The winner is left undetermined, as some of Naota’s friends interrupt the duel and talk to him about how he saved the city from the satellite the other day. This causes the power to get to his head and he begins to act manly. This disgusts Mamimi and the others. To make matters worse, another Medical Mechanica comes out to threaten the city. Will Naota handle the situation as calmly as he did the last time? Or, will his over-inflated ego get in the way?
06 "FLCLimax" March 16, 2001 August 11, 2003 November 30, 2013
Ever since Naota’s “Medical Mechanica” came out of his head and was destroyed, it has been looming over the factory, in the form of a giant hand, causing mist to enshroud the entire city. To make matters worse, Haruko and Canti are on the run from Amarao, who attempts to find the Terminal Core before they do. Naota once again runs into Amarao who offers some strange advice. Things soon go insane as Haruko is preparing for the final “battle”, in which Naota is expected to unknowingly play the lead role. Though in a city as normal as Mabase, it’s really nothing new to Naota; or is it?

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