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Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes is a 26 episode animated television series based on the Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four comic book series. In the United States, the show suffered an erratic airing schedule on Cartoon Network, premiering on the Toonami block on September 2, 2006 and running for only 7 of the season's 26 episodes before being pulled. It returned to the network starting June 9, 2007, shortly before the release of the film Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, but again, only 7 further episodes were aired, leaving 12 installments unaired in the U.S. The show also aired on Boomerang for a brief time before moving to the Nicktoons Network in 2009 to air the final episodes.

The episodes that aired on Cartoon Network were, for the most part, aired out of order. In its intended viewing order, the first half of the series forms a loose story arc that spans thirteen episodes, focusing on the mysteries of the Negative Zone and Doctor Doom's attempts to exploit its power, in addition to stories pitting the FF against the Mole Man, the Puppet Master and the Impossible Man, with guest-appearances by fellow Marvel Comics heroes Ant-Man and the Incredible Hulk. Significantly, the FF clash with Ronan the Accuser and the alien Skrulls in two separate episodes, whose stories converge in the opening episode of the season's second half.

The second half of the series is less cohesive, featuring only single-episode adventures with villains such as the Frightful Four and Diablo and guest-appearances from superheroes Iron Man, Namor and She-Hulk. The series climaxes in an world-endangering appearance from Terminus, used instead of the FF's more notable globe-threatener Galactus, who was off-limits to the creative team.

All episodes of Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes have been released on DVD in the United States. The Complete First Season was released on June 10, 2008.

Series OverviewEdit

Color Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 26 September 2, 2006 February 25, 2010

Season 1 (2006-2007, 2009-2010)Edit


Episode Title

Original Airdate

1 "Doomsday" September 16, 2006[1][2]
After believing Reed caused the cosmic storm accident on purpose Ben, Sue and Johnny are captured by Doom's robots while Doom steals Reed Richard's dimensional gauntlet to create a portal to the negative zone.
2 "Molehattan" September 4, 2009
The Mole Man seeks out Ben Grimm as an ally as he pulls famous Manhattan landmarks down into his kingdom of Subterranea to create an underground paradise where appearances don't matter.
3 "Trial by Fire" September 2, 2006[3]
After destroying a robot, Johnny inexplicably disappears. He finds himself in a stadium filled with aliens, where he has been put on trial for crimes against the Kree empire, with Ronan the Accuser acting as judge.
4 "Doomed" September 9, 2006[4][5]
Doctor Doom switches his mind with Reed Richards, putting him in the perfect position to destroy the team.
5 "Puppet Master" June 16, 2007[6]
Alicia's stepfather Philip Masters acquires a supply of clay irradiated from a fallen piece of Reed's ill-fated space station that allows him to control others as the Puppet Master.
6 "Zoned Out" October 28, 2006[7]
While showing off Reed's lab, Johnny and his latest girlfriend become trapped in the Negative Zone, while also infesting the Baxter Building with alien bugs in the process.
7 "Hard Knocks" September 23, 2006[8][9]
Reed's effort to help his friend Bruce Banner brings the Four into conflict with the Incredible Hulk -- and the people who are trying to capture him.
8 "My Neighbor was a Skrull" September 30, 2006[10][11]
Skrulls impersonate the Fantastic Four's neighbors in the Baxter building in order to collect tissue samples from each member.
9 "World's Tiniest Heroes" October 21, 2006[12][13]
Accidental contact with energy from a probe sent to the Microverse causes the Fantastic Four to shrink. They are aided in their quest to return to their normal sizes by Ant Man (Henry Pym).
10 "De-Mole-Ition" November 4, 2006
An enormous subterranean creature attacks the Baxter Building looking for one of its eggs, which was secretly placed there by the Mole Man.
11 "Impossible" June 23, 2007[14][15]
The Impossible Man, an alien with the ability to turn himself into anything, is brought to Earth by one of Reed's space probes and immediately starts causing trouble for everyone.
12 "Bait and Switch" June 30, 2007[16][17]
Doctor Doom hijacks one of Reed's experiments aimed at restoring Ben Grimm to human form and causes the Fantastic Four to swap powers with one another.
13 "Annihilation" July 14, 2007[18][19]
An energy sphere transports the Fantastic Four to the Negative Zone, where they are used by Dr. Doom to distract the insect conqueror Annihilus so that he can steal Annihilus's cosmic control rod.
14 "Revenge of the Skrulls" August 11, 2007[20]
Ronan the Accuser gives a Skrull the powers of the Fantastic Four, who then uses them to defeat the super-powered team.
15 "Strings" August 25, 2007[21]
The Puppet Master gets the city to turn on the Fantastic Four by controlling it's public officials. Evicted from their home, accounts frozen, property seized, the Four must clear their good names and stop the Puppet Master from taking over the minds of everyone on Earth.
16 "Imperius Rex" June 9, 2007[22][23]
Namor, the ruler of Atlantis, clashes with the Fantastic Four when he declares the world's oceans to be forbidden to humans.
17 "Doomsday Plus One" September 1, 2007
Doombots invade the Baxter Building in the middle of the night, but their attack is just a distraction created by Dr. Doom so he can launch the Baxter Building into space.
18 "The Cure" June 9, 2007
Reed finally cures the Thing, but the cure also takes away all of his memories since the formation of the Fantastic Four. When the Mole Man attacks, She-Hulk must fill in for the Thing.
19 "Frightful" August 18, 2007
The Wizard, Klaw, Trapster, and Dragon Man are the new team in town saving New York always one step ahead of the Fantastic Four. Reed begins to suspects that these "Frightful Four" are not the heroes they appear to be.
20 "Out of Time" September 15, 2007
The Fantastic Four return from a trip to the past to find Doom has changed history and is in control of the world.
21 "Atlantis Attacks" September 1, 2007
Namor returns, but this time he needs help to defeat Attuma, who has taken over Atlantis. While Reed, Susan, and Ben head off to help free Atlantis, Johnny stays behind and faces an attack on the city from a giant mutant whale.
22 "Shell Games" October 6, 2007
After several attacks from Iron Man armors, the Fantastic Four track down Tony Stark. It turns out Dr. Doom was behind the attacks, and now the Four have to face both Iron Doom and Iron Man under Doom's control.
23 "The Potion of Fire" October 13, 2007
After exposure to a potion during a battle with the alchemist Diablo, Johnny finds his powers greatly increased - and his personality slowly turning evil.
24 "Contest of Champions" October 20, 2007
Frustrated by his repeated defeats at their hands, Ronan the Accuser asks the powerful Grandmaster to stage a contest that would give him the chance to beat the Fantastic Four.
25 "Doom's Word Is Law" February 24, 2010
Doctor Doom creates a super Doombot to face the Fantastic Four, but while attacking the Fantastic Four, Doom's robot develops sentience.
26 "Scavenger Hunt" February 25, 2010
Terminus, an alien scavenger, comes to steal all of Earth's resources. While the Fantastic Four try to stop him.


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