Future SARA

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First Appearance

November 4, 2017

Final Appearance

November 25, 2017

Voice Actor

Dana Swanson

Future SARA is the main antagonist of the Toonami Total Immersion Event (T.I.E.), Countdown. After being infected by an unknown alien intelligence, her goal is to purge the universe of all organic life. Future SARA only appears in episode 4 of Countdown, on a screen in the Vindication, in her pixel form, with red and yellow coloring and red eyes.


Future TOM explains that 16 weeks ago she became infected by an unknown alien intelligence in an uncharted nebula. She became hostile and bent on destroying all organic life, under the influence of the unknown alien intelligence. She takes over the Vindication and creates new Clydes to prevent Future TOM from interfering with her plans. After Future TOM is sent to the past, she tries to hunt down present TOM, declaring him a threat to her mission.

As TOM fights off the Clydes she tells TOM his resistance is futile and that she owns his life. TOM admits that she does and always has, and would even give his life to save her. Hearing this, SARA is somehow able to overcome the infection, reverting back to normal. Freed from the unknown intelligence, SARA thanks TOM and breaks the windows of the Vindication, sending him into space, before overloading the drive core of the ship, destroying the Vindication and her along with it.