Future TOM

Future TOM

First Appearance

November 4, 2017

Final Appearance

November 25, 2017

Voice Actor

Steve Blum

Future TOM is a character from the Toonami Total Immersion Event (T.I.E.), Countdown. Future TOM is a version of TOM 5 from 16 weeks in the future that travels back in time in order to prevent the corrupted SARA from destroying all organic life.

Future TOM is battle-scarred from his encounters with the Clyde 57s, that Future SARA created to prevent him from interfering in her plans, and decides that a younger version of himself from the past might stand a better chance. So as Future TOM travels back in time, the current version of TOM is also sent into the future where a hologram version of Future TOM relays information about how to defeat Future SARA. However, as a contingency, Future TOM also sets in motion a 24-hour countdown timer that will blow the drive core of the Vindication should TOM fail, destroying SARA along with it.

After TOM is sent back to his timeline upon the destruction of the  Vindication along with Future SARA, Future TOM is seen drifting through space.