Future Vindication

Vindication (Countdown)

First Appearance

November 4, 2017

Final Appearance

November 25, 2017

The Future Vindication is a version of the Vindication that appears in the Toonami T.I.E. Countdown. The ship has a massive cannon in the center and a red glow all over, both inside and out

History Edit

16 weeks prior to when TOM was sent back in time in episode 1 of Countdown, SARA was corupted by a nebula surge, eventually leading her to becoming one with the Vindication and upgrading it into a "Planetary War-Ship" that is capable of destroying planets and any organic life that inhabits them. She also created a new generation of Clydes that scour the ship in search of Future TOM, to prevent him from interfering with SARA's plans.

After TOM is able to free SARA from the influence of the nebula surge, she breaks the windows which sends TOM flying into space and destroys the Vindication to prevent further destruction to the universe.

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