Gigantor is an American adaptation of the Japanese anime adaptation of Tetsujin 28-go, a manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama released in 1956. In 1963, Fred Ladd, while working on the animated feature Pinocchio in Outer Space and on the animated TV series The Big World of Little Adam saw artwork of Mitsuteru Yokoyama presenting a giant robot remote-controlled by a young boy. Ladd, who had produced the successful international, English-language adaptation of Astro Boy, and Al Singer formed a corporation called Delphi Associates, Inc. in order to produce and distribute an English-language version of Tetsujin 28-go. They took only 52 episodes of the Japanese series for the American market, and renamed the series Gigantor. Peter Fernandez wrote much of the English script, and participated in the dubbing.

The series debuted on U.S. television in 1964 and became an immediate hit with juvenile audiences, though adult reactions were sometimes hostile. As with Speed Racer, the characters' original names were altered and the original series' violence was toned down for American viewers. The series was resurrected, in color, as The New Adventures of Gigantor, by the Sci Fi Channel in 1993.

In 2003 Gigantor aired as part of Toonami's Giant Robot Week. In 2005 the series aired on Adult Swim. Also on April 1, 2012 Gigantor aired as part of Adult Swim's Toonami April Fools stunt.

Series OverviewEdit

Color Season Episodes U.S. Season Premiere U.S. Season Finale
1 26 January 1, 1964 January 26, 1964
2 26 January 27, 1964 February 21, 1964

Season 1 (1964)Edit


Episode Title

Original Airdate

1 "Struggle at the South Pole" January 1, 1964
Inspector Blooper, Jimmy, and Gigantor head for the South Pole to stop Dr. Cat's Meow, an evil genius who plans to take over the world starting with Antartica.
2 "Battle at the Bottom of the World" January 2, 1964
Thinking Dr. Cat's Meow is out of the way, the team leaves Antarctica, only to be attacked by Meow's robotic whale submarine, and a new robot, Flip Q Man, who captures Gigantor.
3 "Sting of the Spider" January 3, 1964
The Evil Captain Spider kidnaps Dr. Emeritus and brainwashes Inspector Blooper in an attempt to defeat Gigantor and gain control over a powerful new energy ray.
4 "Return of the Spider" January 4, 1964
The team feels the sting of Captain Spider when he offers to exchange Dr. Emeritus for the powerful energy ray "Super Elex," which would allow him to take over the world.
5 "Spider's Revenge" January 5, 1964
Captain Spider now has the Super Elex but there is still one thing preventing him from taking over the world: Dr. Emeritus, the only one capable of building another one to use against him.
6 "The Secret Valley" January 6, 1964
Forced to land in Australia, the team encounters General Von Q Ball, an old enemy of the Inspector's who has a new weapon in his arsenal - a swarm of robotic bees.
7 "The Diamond Smugglers" January 7, 1964
Jimmy, Inspector Blooper and Gigantor go to a world conference on robots in India and, disguised as holy men, encounter Dr. Diamond and his gang of deadly diamond smugglers.
8 "Dangerous Doctor Diamond" January 8, 1964
Dr. Diamond's hideout is discovered in the highest mountain range of the world, but it's protected by a herd of robotic bulls and a powerful torpedo rocket that freezes Gigantor in his tracks!
9 "Force of Terror" January 9, 1964
When robot saucers hijack trucks off the streets, Jimmy and the Inspector trace them to a factory of the notorious Nefarious, who has an arsenal of deadly robotic weapons.
10 "World in Danger" January 10, 1964
Nefarious makes his attempts to take over the world using his mole drilling robot to steal a fortune from a bank. Now he can mount an all out attack that even Gigantor can't stop!
11 "Badge of Danger" January 11, 1964
Dr. Bob Brilliant is kidnapped by the diabolical Oogleblabb, whose plan is to control his mind, and force him to build an evil version of Gigantor for his own evil purposes.
12 "The Smoke Robots" January 12, 1964
Dr. Birdbrain's secret plans for a new spaceship are stolen by a mysterious smoke robot made of super-strength metal that even Gigantor can't stop.
13 "The Freezer Ray" January 13, 1964
At the great Robot Parade, Gigantor is a big attraction. But without Jimmy at the controls, Oogleblabb manages to take control himself. Now he plans to use Gigantor to conquer the world.
14 "The Magic Multiplier" January 14, 1964
Professor Dim Dome's daughter Dottie has been kidnapped by Oogleblabb, who will only release her in exchange for the professor's top secret MMM Multiplier weapon.
15 "The Submarine Base" January 15, 1964
Swami Tommy takes Professor Brainy, Jimmy and Gigantor prisoner and forces the professor to divulge his formula for a super-secret rocket fuel.
16 "Treasure Mountain" January 16, 1964
While exploring an ancient Inca temple, Professor Dig-A-Dug finds gold. But when he's captured by the mysterious Pisarro and his giant gorilla robot, Tiny, Gigantor is his only hope.
17 "The Mystery Missile" January 17, 1964
An unmanned Snooper Rocket is headed for Earth and Gigantor intercepts it just in time. But now he's become highly radioactive and highly dangerous!
18 "The Giant Cobra" January 18, 1964
The oil fields of Morabia are threatened by rebel Prince Abdul Von Hothead, who uses a giant robot cobra built by Professor Flugle to take down Gigantor.
19 "The Great Hunt" January 19, 1964
Jimmy and the team go on Safari in Africa to collect animals for a zoo, but a battle breaks out when Ping Pangians attack the Bongo Bongoans in a war over water.
20 "The Deadly Web" January 20, 1964
With the water war still raging, Jimmy and the Inspector discover an underground dam on Bongo Bongo secretly built by neighboring Ping Pang as a power source. And a giant robot spider defends it!
21 "The Atomic Flame" January 21, 1964
With almost all their water stolen by the Ping Pangians, Bongo Bongo is vulnerable to an attack, especially when the Ping Pangians have a horrific new weapon - an atomic flame thrower - to use against Gigantor!
22 "The Incredible Speed Machine" January 22, 1964
With his new energy machine attached to a car, Wizard Dee Doo can make it go 100 miles per hour. But to do that, he needs Spedium ore which he's been mining from Goody Island... causing it to sink!
23 "The Monster Magnet" January 23, 1964
The only way to stop Evil Wizard Dee Doo's plan to take over the world is to find his secret base, but it's protected by a huge magnetic shield that even Gigantor can't penetrate.
24 "Target: Jupiter" January 24, 1964
When Double Trouble destroys a flight to Jupiter and threatens to destroy the next launch unless he gets the secret blueprints to the rocket, Gigantor is sent along for protection.
25 "Trap at 20 Fathoms" January 25, 1964
Dr. Brilliant is abducted by a flying saucer and taken to King Soress' secret base. There he's forced to work with another kidnap victim, Professor Pluto, to make new atomic weapons.
26 "Monsters from the Deep" January 26, 1964
There's a mystery on Mystery Island: where'd everybody go? Someone has created a huge seaweed monster and Jimmy and Gigantor have to find the man before he makes more.

Season 2 (1964)Edit


Episode Title

Original Airdate

27 "Will the Real Gigantor Stand Up?" January 27, 1964
Dr. Brilliant and his son Buttons are kidnapped by Professor Envee and forced to work on a duplicate version of Gigantor. Then Envee ties Buttons to its leg and sends it into battle…against Gigantor!
28 "10,000 Gigantors" January 28, 1964
The Keenymeanies have built hundreds of Gigantors to launch them against the planet Snork. Snork's only defense - a badly outnumbered Gigantor, Jimmy and Dick Strong.
29 "The Plot to Seize Gigantor" January 29, 1964
When Gigantor takes off by himself without Jimmy at the control, then refuses to obey and crashes into the Boopadoop Embassy, he winds up in chains! What's gone wrong with the big guy?
30 "The Space Submarine" January 30, 1964
A master-thief, The Gypsy, sends a fire-breathing mouse robot into the Von Money Estate to steal half an ancient treasure map. Dick Strong joins The Gypsy's gang in a desperate attempt to bring him in.
31 "Gigantor Who?" January 31, 1964
Ambassador Scamp threatens to blow up a passenger plane unless he's given $1 million. Then he threatens to blow up Big Beaver Dam unless he gets a billion, and Gigantor must be the one who delivers it!
32 "The Robot Olympics" February 1, 1964
It's the First World Robot Olympics, held in New York. First price, $1 million and a gold trophy. Taurus and Bulba, the favorite, and Gigantor, go head to head until Maxwell Schmoe kidnaps Gigantor!
33 "The Crossbones Caper" February 2, 1964
When the notorious pirate Rapscallion and his crew steal a whaling fleet's money, Gigantor is sent to bring them in. But Jimmy and his giant friend are helpless against Rapscallion's latest weapons.
34 "Ransom at Point X" February 3, 1964
The International Pirate gang is back in operation. This time, their leader is Rascal Rogue and he's built the largest atomic submarine in the world. Has Gigantor met his match?
35 "The Gypsy Spaceship" February 4, 1964
The Gypsy is back and this time he manages to unite two pieces of a secret Eskimo map. Now the untold wealth buried deep within Mount Blubber will be his.
36 "The Space Cats" February 5, 1964
Invaders from the planet Magnapus plan to conquer Earth. Able to take human shape at will, one of them has been working as Dr. Brilliant's assistant.
37 "Return of Magnaman" February 6, 1964
Magnaman is back and he's under the control of Muggs Muggler and his gang, who know his secret code. Only Gigantor can stop them now, but it'll be robot against robot in a duel to the finish.
38 "Vanishing Mountain" February 7, 1964
General Ising Nutcake of Beanie plans to take over the world. Using his Wave Image Maker, he takes Gigantor, Jimmy and the Inspector prisoner. Can anything stop him now?
39 "The Insect Monsters" February 8, 1964
Dr. Buzz Bugaboo is kidnapped by Brany Mantis and forced to turn over his formula for making huge insects. The big bugs are then unleashed on the city, in numbers too gigantic for even Gigantor to stop.
40 "The City Smashers" February 9, 1964
General Shark has a new secret weapon - termites that eat steel and concrete. Now, no city is safe from a Shark attack. Can Gigantor exterminate the growing problem?
41 "The Robot Firebird" February 10, 1964
As a reward for rescuing him from the fires of a volcano, a powerful Firebird makes Swami Rivers the most powerful man on Earth. Now only Gigantor can put out his fire.
42 "Magnaman of Outer Space" February 11, 1964
A robot factory run by a man named Crank unleashes Magnaman, a super robot who's been programmed to destroy all of man's masterpieces, starting with the Eiffel Tower!
43 "The Robot Albatross" February 12, 1964
Gigantor is sent deep into the ocean to search for a sunken island and buried treasure. Instead, he finds the evil Thermal Updraft, whose hideout is guarded by the unbeatable Albatross robot!
44 "Battle of the Robot Giants" February 13, 1964
Escaped convict Goldy Brix is attacking luxury liners from his underwater base and using his own giant robot, Blastro. When Blastro disables Gigantor, it's anybody's game!
45 "The Deadly Sting Rays" February 14, 1964
At Skull Duggery Prison, Goldy Brix is locked up with the monster Big Fang. Big Mistake. They break loose and with help from Professor Stinger's String Ray robots, they can't be stopped.
46 "Gigantor and the Desert Fire" February 15, 1964
No country will buy oil from poor Morabia. Rebels from neighboring Togaland have frightened all the customers away by setting oil fires. Can Gigantor take the heat and make everything cool again?
47 "The Atomic Whale" February 16, 1964
When scientists from the Atomic Factory are kidnapped by a giant whale, Gigantor dives into the sea to see what's going down. But the whale is actually a robot submarine from an undersea city!
48 "The Secret Formula Robbery" February 17, 1964
Professor Stinger is back and this time he's got Big Fang's robot brother Irontron, who's been built for one purpose only - to defeat Gigantor and jimmy Sparks once and for all!
49 "The Evil Robot Brain" February 18, 1964
Dr. Nutzen Boltz convinces Brainy, the robot with a dialectronic brain, to let him study his brain. In exchange, he will build a robot for Brainy that can destroy Gigantor!
50 "The Devil Gantry" February 19, 1964
The evil Scrag and his henchman Sleek have been building a top secret weapon that uses a Tesla coil to generate lightning - just what they need to get rid of Gigantor for good!
51 "The Robot Arsenal" February 20, 1964
Mr. Skee Matic kidnaps Jimmy and takes him to his secret headquarters where he shows him his robot collection - the largest in the world. Among them, his newest acquisition, Gigantor!
52 "Danger's Dinosaurs" February 21, 1964
Captain Danger has built two gigantic dinosaur robots in his undersea base and launches an attack on Dr. Brilliant's laboratory while Gigantor is being repaired. Could this be the end?

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