King Star King

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Adult Swim (Toonami)

Broadcast Run

November 2, 2013


7 (List of Episodes)

King Star King is an Adult Swim series, created by JJ Villard and developed by Tommy Blacha, that premiered along with five other pilots as part of the Adult Swim Pilots contest on on July 22, 2013.

The series was subsequently green lit by Adult Swim and the first 6 episodes premiered on on June 15, 2014. The series marks the first original series from Adult Swim to be streamed exclusively online.[1]

The pilot aired on Adult Swim's Toonami block during the extra hour added by Daylight Savings on November 2, 2013.


King Star King features a punk rock, modern day he-man who falls from the realm of the gods to land as a fry cook in a slummy waffle joint. King Star King must regain his memory to defeat the evil (and adorable) Spring Bunny and rescue his love, the megababe Princess Snow White. Only then will King Star King regain his rightful place in the heavens.


Voice CastEdit

CharacterVoice Actor
King Star King Tommy Blacha
Hank Waffles Tommy Blacha
Gurbles Tommy Blacha
Pooza JJ Villard
Princess Snow White Rachel Butera
Narrator Robin Atkin Downes
Alfonso Molestro Robin Atkin Downes
Doctor Robin Atkin Downes
Slutty Waitress Rachel Butera
Customer JJ Villard
Baroness Sludgeclot Rachel Butera
Chunkles Robin Atkin Downes
Smear Rachel Butera
Fat Frank Tommy Blacha
Hank's Mother Robin Atkin Downes
Mike Balls Tommy Blacha
Tim Tumor Robin Atkin Downes
Mrs. Balls Rachel Butera
Carmine Excrementi Robin Atkin Downes
Burger Bitch Rachel Butera
Surfer JJ Villard
KWA KWA Tommy Blacha
Pinchy Laroux Robin Atkin Downes
Eddie 5 Antlers Will Sasso



Color Season Episodes Release Date
Pilot 01 July 22, 2013
1 06 June 15, 2014

In July 2013, the pilot episode was released online as part of a presentation of in-development shows for Adult Swim, partnered with KFC. Viewers could vote for their favorite pilot, with the winner being broadcast on August 26, 2013. The series lost to Übermansion, which premiered on Crackle as a full-length series on October 8, 2015, retitled SuperMansion.[2]

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