The 08th MS Team

Series OverviewEdit

Color Season Episodes U.S. Season Premiere U.S. Season Finale
1 12 July 23, 2001 August 6, 2001
Movie 01

Season 1 (1996-1999)Edit


Episode Title

Japanese Release

English Airdate

1 "War for Two" January 25, 1996 July 23, 2001
In UC 0079, the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon are at war. In the jungles of Southeast Asia, the mobile suit teams of the Kojima Battalion use the Gundam Ground Type in action. Old man Jidan Nickard asks Karen Joshua of the 08th Mobile Suit Team where her new commander is, and she says he's late.
2 "Gundams in the Jungle" January 25, 1996 July 24, 2001
Shiro, Michel, Sanders, Karen and Eledore ride in a jeep to the base. As they arrive they watch the Gundams of the 06th Team moving out for combat. Shiro reports in to the base commander, Kojima. Kojima tells Shiro and the rest of the team that the Zeon have built a factory somewhere in the area.
3 "The Time Limit on Trust" March 25, 1996 July 25, 2001
Shiro must attack an enemy base from the rear while his team attacks it from the front. Unfortunately, he gets captured by guerrillas on his way there. In the end, Shiro ends up making friends with the gurillas. They help the 08th team destroy the base and drive the Zeons out of the area.
4 "The Demon Overhead" October 25, 1996 July 26, 2001
Two Dopp fighters haul the mobile armor Apsalus high in the night sky to begin a field test. Aina serves as the pilot of the Apsalus and begins the test. While there are some minor equipment problems, the Apsalus performs well during the test.
5 "The Broken Order to Standby" November 25, 1996 July 27, 2001
As Jidan sits down for his lunch, Eledore and Michel return in the Hover Truck. Jidan tells them some mail came for them during their mission, and Eledore sends Michel to get it. Jidan tells Eledore that his good lunch comes from a lady friend of his named Maria from a nearby village.
6 "Battle Line in the Burning Sand" December 18, 1996 July 30, 2001
An informant tells Kiki that he saw a light flying through the desert a few days ago. Shiro and the rest of the 08th Team move out to see if they can find the testing range and the Apsalus. Meanwhile, Michel is distracted from his duties because he keeps reading B.B.'s letters.
7 "Reunion" October 25, 1997 July 31, 2001
In Europe, Zeon forces retreat when the Federation successfully completes Operation Odessa and drives M'Quve out of his mines. Yuri and his soldiers are left behind, but he promises to take them to Ginias's base and get them back to space. He doesn't care if the Federation has the Earth because the war will be fought in space.
8 "Duty and Ideals" December 18, 1997 August 1, 2001
Shiro is court-martialed under suspicion of being a spy. He says that there are good people on both sides of the war, and he hopes for the time the war will end. The panel laughs at him, and Captain Isan Ryer asks him if he could shoot the enemy.
9 "Front Line" Feburary 25, 1998 August 2, 2001
On a Big Tray land battleship, several Federation officers watch a battle simulation of the Apsalus attacking a Federal Forces fleet in space and entering Earth's atmosphere unhindered. The Apsalus heads for South America and destroys the headquarters at Jaburo. Kojima and Ryer want to find out more about Apsalus, and Ryer has a plan that involves using the 08th Team.
10 "The Shuddering Mountain (Part 1)" July 25, 1998 August 3, 2001
The Federal Forces begin a massive assault on the Zeon mountain base. Jet Core Boosters drop so many bombs on the mountain that the shape of it changes. Norris uses his Gouf Custom to expertly destroy several Jet Core Boosters.
11 "The Shuddering Mountain (Part 2)" April 25, 1999 August 6, 2001
Before the Apsalus III launches, Ginias looks at it with the eyes of a madman. Aina asks him what happened to the scientists, and he says they are all drunk somewhere. After the Apsalus III launches, Shiro announces that he is leaving the service.
12 "Last Resort" July 25, 1999 Unaired
On Christmas Eve UC 0079, a Musai battleship is attacked by the Federal Forces. A Zeon soldier loads several kids onto a Komusai shuttle and tells them they have an important mission to fulfill. After the Komusai is launched, the Musai and Gelgoogs are destroyed.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team - Miller's ReportEdit

Miller's Report

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team - Miller's Report is a movie that ties into the events of Mobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS Team. The movie centers around the court martial of Shiro Amada and investigation into allegations of a Zeon spy being in the ranks of the 08th MS Team. The investigation into the allegations is carried out by Alice Miller.


Episode Title

Japanese Release

1 "Miller's Report" August 1, 1998
Federation intelligence officer Alice Miller arrives at the Federation's Southeast Asia base and examines the captured wreckage of the Apsalus. Shiro is brought to her in handcuffs, and Alice has him released. She brings him coffee and asks him what happened in his last battle.

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