Gundam Unicorn

Gundam Unicorn


Adult Swim (Toonami)

Broadcast Run

Jan. 7, 2017[1] - June 10, 2017


22 (List of Episodes)

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096, often shortened to Gundam Unicorn, is a 2016 Japanese anime series created by Sunrise. It is a broadcast version of the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA series, released between 2010 and 2014. The recut was directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi and features a new soundtrack composed by Hiroyuki Sawano. The series aired on TV Asahi from April 3, 2016 to September 11, 2016.[2][3] An English subtitled version was also simulcast on Gundam.Info, DAISUKI and Crunchyroll, with an English dubbed version following soon after.[4]

The series aired on Adult Swim's Toonami block from January 7, 2017 [1] to June 10, 2017. The series was rated TV-PG-LV and TV-14-LV on Adult Swim.


In Universal Century 0001, a new era is about to begin with the announcement that the settlement of space has commenced. But as the calendar change ceremony is in progress, the space station Laplace, official residence of the Earth Federation prime minister, is shattered by a terrorist bombing. A young man named Syam, who joined the terrorists because of poverty, is caught in the explosion of Laplace and discovers something amid the wreckage. This is the forbidden box that will later be known as Laplace's Box. Laplace's Box is never to be opened. There are few who even know what it is. The secret of the box continues to sleep with Syam.

In Universal Century 0096, 3 years after Char's rebellion, the manufacturing colony Industrial 7, which is still under construction, floats at Lagrange point 1. A youth named Banagher Links, who grew up without knowing his father, meets a mysterious girl named Audrey who has stowed away on a ship bound for Industrial 7. Audrey claims that she is trying to stop the Vist Foundation from handing over Laplace's Box to the Neo Zeon remnants known as the Sleeves, an act which could spark another war, and Banagher decides to help her. But the colony becomes a battlefield as fighting breaks out between the Sleeves and the Earth Federation Forces, who have also come to stop the handover. As Banagher runs through the battle in search of Audrey, he has a fateful encounter with a white mobile suit, the Unicorn Gundam. Banagher does not yet know that he has been caught up in the conflict surrounding Laplace's Box. What is Laplace's Box? What secret does it contain? The hundred-year curse of the Universal Century is about to be resolved.


Banagher Links — the main protagonist of the series, he is a a student at Anaheim Industry Technical School in the colony Industrial 7 that later becomes the pilot of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. He is described as seeing war as something akin to fiction, as he was born after the One Year War ended and did not experience the subsequent conflicts. He is a part-time Petite MS pilot clearing space debris. However, upon meeting Audrey, he is drawn into a new conflict.

Audrey Burne — a teenager from a noble family who came to Industrial 7 to convince the Vist Foundation not to turn over Laplace's Box to the Sleeves.

Full Frontal — the main antagonist and the mysterious leader of the Neo Zeon remnant forces who is described as the "second coming of Char". Like Char Aznable, he is a blond-haired man whose face is hidden behind a mask, wears a red uniform, and pilots a red mobile suit, the MSN-06S Sinanju. Late in the series, he pilots the leg-less NZ-999 Neo Zeong, which is a reference to the MSN-02 Zeong, which Char piloted during the final battle in the original series. Similar to Char, he holds the Neo Zeon remnants together with his high charisma.



Color Season Episodes Toonami Season Premiere Toonami Season Finale
1 22 January 7, 2017 June 10, 2017

The episodes feature new animated footage and narrations by Full Frontal's voice actors: Shuichi Ikeda and Keith Silverstein in the Japanese and English version, respectively.

Broadcast HistoryEdit

  • Japan (TV Asahi) — April 3, 2016 - September 11, 2016[2]
  • United States (Adult Swim) — January 7, 2017[1] - June 10, 2017

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