During Moltar's tenure as host of Toonami, he has delivered a number of Speeches regarding everyday life and how they apply to the programs on the block. Such speeches are delivered with Moltar's signature laconic wit and are interspersed with clips from the block's shows to help emphasize the point he is trying to make. These are transcripts of such speeches.


Toonami Moltar Speech Teamwork01:01

Toonami Moltar Speech Teamwork

Toonami - Teamwork Speech

"I get lonely sitting here watching the world go by. It'd be nice to have somebody to talk to. [...] A friend, compatriot, a teammate. [...] Show me a superhero worth his salt [...] and I'll show you a support network of friends standing behind them. [...] Sailor Scouts, the Superfriends, or the Dragonball heroes. [...] Everybody needs a helping hand. [...] Even the bad guys get help from teamwork. [...] We all get by with a little help from our friends."


TOONAMI Moltar's Teaching Speech01:01

TOONAMI Moltar's Teaching Speech

Toonami - Teaching Speech

"A wise man once said 'Knowledge is Power.' The trick is making sure it gets passed to the next generation. [...] When a master takes on someone who is ready to learn, [...] amazing things happen. Teaching techniques vary, [...] but if everybody works hard, it pays off. [...] There's nothing like the day when a teacher sees their student succeed. [...] A mind is a terrible thing to waste."


TOONAMI Moltar's Heroes Speech01:50

TOONAMI Moltar's Heroes Speech

Toonami - Heroes Speech

"So, I see almost everything from up here. After a while, you begin to notice recurring themes. How many heroes do you think there are? [...] What would it be like without them? [...] No hero to stand up. [...] An end to nobility; [...] purity; [...] fearlessness. [...] Without heroes, there would be only victims. [...] Well, except villains. Y'know. [...] So, you guys should thank them. Believe me."


Toonami moltar's villan speech01:40

Toonami moltar's villan speech

Toonami - Villains Speech

"Alright, listen up. Today, we are talking about something very important. Villains, bad guys, the heavies. […] Webster defines a villain as truly malicious, a scoundrel. […] We don’t get enough credit. What’s a hero without a villain? […] Bad guys make life more interesting. My favorite bad guy (besides myself) is Lotor.  […] Remember him? He seems kind of wimpy, but he’s got personality. […] And let’s not forget Mumm-ra. […] Another one of my favorites. […] You know it’s not easy going out there to make the world unsafe for superheroes. […]  They always seem to come out on top. […] Being a villain is a thankless job, but we always have more fun along the way. That’s what being bad is all about."

Cheetara: Modern Woman

Toonami Cheetara Modern Woman00:31

Toonami Cheetara Modern Woman

Toonami - Cheetara: Modern Woman Speech

"It's the 90's. [...] Women are strong, stable. [...] Some more than others. [...] For me one stands head and shoulders above the rest. [...] She's everything a modern woman should be. [...] Brains, beauty, blinding speed, she's no damsel in distress. [...] If you're wondering about the woman of the next millenium [...]"


Toonami Moltar - Reruns01:31

Toonami Moltar - Reruns

Toonami - Reruns Speech

"It's time you and I had a talk about the facts of life. [...] Reruns suck, but there's no escape. [...] Welcome to the television business. [...] If anybody knows reruns, it's us. Not because we want to do it that way, but sometimes you have to. [...] You can't make a new cartoon every day. [...] So we're destined to fall behind and show one more than once. [...] We're sorry about that. I know you guys get burned sometimes. [...] Don't judge us too harshly. [...] I mean, after all, we're doing this for you. [...] Have no fear, plans are in place to ensure the future. [...] There's new cartoons on the horizon, and new stuff's flowing down the pipes. [...] 99's gonna be a party. [...] Hang out."

Ironically, this speech was re-stated, almost word-for-word (albeit with different clips interspersed as well as "99's" being replaced with "It's") in 2012 by TOM.

Failed Experiment?Edit

Is toonami a failed Experiment01:31

Is toonami a failed Experiment

Toonami - Failed Experiment?

"Is Toonami a failed experiment, destined for destruction? For the first time ever we want to hear what you think. Here's your shot to manipulate the manual. Drop us a line at Toonami care of Cartoon Network, 1050 Techwood Drive, Atlanta, GA 30318. [...] Thanks in advance."

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