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SD Gundam is a Japan/America co-production, that initially premiered on Cartoon Network's Toonami block in the U.S. for 26 episodes, from September 1, 2003 to October 6, 2003. The series later aired in Japan on TV Tokyo for 52 episodes, from January 7, 2004 to December 29, 2004. SD Gundam's 52 episodes made it the longest Gundam series until the arrival of Gundam Seed.

Unlike previous SD Gundam series, SD stands for Superior Defender. It is a crossover series based on the three SD settings that were used in earlier SD Gundam anime and manga: SD Command Chronicles, a science-fiction-styled militaristic setting; Musha Gundam, a setting with samurai-themed robots; Knight Gundam, a medieval European fantasy-themed setting. It also contains many references and homages to the standard Gundam shows, especially those of the Universal Century, Future Century, and After Colony timelines. In a sharp contrast to the dark nature of most of the other Gundam series, SD Gundam Force is extremely lighthearted, though it does at times get more serious as the series goes on, but it's never as dark as the more "traditional" Gundam series.

SD Gundam was the first Japanese anime to never have VHS releases and all its home video releases are only available on DVD with each DVD having 3 episodes each. Though the final 26 episodes were left unaired on television in America, fans petitioned for the second half to be released, and in 2008 the last 26 episodes were released in an English-dubbed DVD set.

Series OverviewEdit

Color Season Episodes U.S. Season Premiere U.S. Season Finale
1 26 September 1, 2003 October 6, 2003
2 26 Unaired Unaired

Season 1 (2003)Edit


Episode Title

Japanese Airdate

English Airdate

1 "His Name is Captain" January 7, 2004 September 1, 2003
The peaceful Neotopia is one day attacked by the invasion forces of the Dark Axis. Shute, a clever, inventive boy stumbles upon the villains, a mysterious robot named Captain Gundam, and the adventure of a lifetime!
2 "Soul Drive, Activate!" January 14, 2004 September 2, 2003
Captain Gundam is unable to activate his 'Soul Drive', even though it activated once before. Eventually Captain realizes that Shute has an effect on it. Meanwhile, Zapper Zaku has new orders from his immediate superior, the commander, find Captain Gundam and wipe him out!
3 "Zero, the Flying Knight" January 21, 2004 September 3, 2003
After two defeats, the Dark Axis commander assigns another officer to Zapper Zaku's platoon, Grappler Gouf. Even with Shute's help, Captain is nearly overpowered by the two villains. That is when a new gundam appears to even the odds!
4 "Attack the Enemy Musai!" January 28, 2004 September 4, 2003[1]
Zero's appearance does little to calm the commander. While Captain was viewed as a minor annoyance, he and Zero together could be a threat. So he has Zapper Zaku and Grappler Gouf bring the gundams to the Dark Axis base. It's up to Shute to rescue the gundams!
5 "Gundam Force, Team Up!" February 4, 2004 September 5, 2003[1]
After successfully saving Captain and Zero, Chief Haro, leader of the S.D.G.(Super Dimensional Guard) makes Shute an official member of the Superior Defender Gundam Force. Good thing, too, because the Dark Axis commander has added the weapons-loving Destroyer Dom to the Neotopia invasion force!
6 "The Blazing Samurai Comes to Neotopia" February 11, 2004 September 8, 2003[1]
With the Dimensional Transport Device ruined, Bakunetsumaru is stuck in Neotopia. However, the quick-tempered Musha Gundam won't join the Gundam Force. he might want to change his mind, because Zapper Zaku has taken control of a giant robot statue, and is going on a rampage through Neotopia Peace Park!
7 "Go! Gunbike!" February 18, 2004 September 9, 2003[1]
Captain's instructor, in the form of Gunbike, has come to train the Gundam Force. They'll need all the training they can get, as Grappler Gouf has hijacked a trainline!
8 "A Princess, A Cake, and the Winged Knight" February 25, 2004 September 10, 2003[1]
Zero is being haunted by the memories of his failure to protect the kingdom and princess of Lacroa. Meanwhile, Destroyer Dom and two Zakos wreak havoc at a facility where Sayla is making a giant birthday cake for Mayor Gathermoon!
9 "Bakunetsumaru's Struggle" March 3, 2004 September 11, 2003[1]
Bakunetsumaru and Dr. Bell Wood are in a fierce argument. Bakunetsumaru needs the Dimensional Transport Device repaired, in order to return to Ark, but Bell Wood feels fed up with the project. Meanwhile, four Zakos take control of a massive digging robot, and use it to wreak sub-terrenian havoc!
10 "Gundam Force Triple Attack!" March 10, 2004 September 12, 2003[1]
Shute is writing an essay about "friendship", and each member of the SDGF has their own definition for it. Meanwhile, after some prodding (I.E., blasting) from the commander, the Dark Axis trio cooks up a triple attack to use against the Gundams.
11 "The Mystery of Lacroa Part 1: Arrival" March 17, 2004 September 15, 2003[1]
A slip-up with Bell Wood's Dimensional Transport Device sends the Gundam Force to the ruined kingdom of Lacroa, Zero's homeland. there, they meet three triplets who survived the Dark Axis invasion, and Talgeese, Knight of the Tempest, a warrior who joined the Dark Axis!
12 "The Mystery of Lacroa Part 2: Trapped" March 24, 2004 September 16, 2003[1]
Trapped in the Dark Hole of Lacroa, the Gundam Force are separated. While Captain deals with Bakunetsumaru's fear of ghosts, Shute and Zero have to handle three spunky triplets, who don't think Zero can save Lacroa. What's more, the triplets are guarding the Spirit Egg, something Talgeese needs if he's to unlock the powers of Lacroa's Spirit Tree.
13 "The Mystery of Lacroa Part 3: Return" March 31, 2004 September 17, 2003[1]
After escaping from the Dark Hole, the Gundam Force are reunited. But they're not done yet, as they have to fight Talgeese in order to protect the Spirit Egg!
14 "Undercover Mission! Learn the Gundam Force's Secrets!" April 7, 2004 September 18, 2003
Two Zakos disguise themselves as mobile reporters and interview the Gundam Force, trying to learn their secrets. The GF sees through the ruse, but play along anyway, and they gain more then they lose. Afterwards, the Spirit Egg hatches into a cute, fuzzy blue creature that breathes fire!
15 "Mach Wings: GunEagle!" April 14, 2004 September 19, 2003
The Komusai II, an improved version of the Komusai, goes haywire because two Zakos dropped controll horns on it. An sense none of the core members of the Gundam Force are fast enough to catch it, it's time for a new Gundam, GunEagle, to fly!
16 "Masters of the Deep Sea: GunDivers!" April 21, 2004 September 22, 2003
During the last battle, the Komusai II was knocked into the ocean. Captain, Shute, and the new GunDivers submerge to find it, and learn the secrets of the Dark Axis from it. Speaking of the Dark Axis, they're also underwater, looking for the Komusai II as well!
17 "Ashuramaru: The Old Rival Returns" April 28, 2004 September 23, 2003
Fed up with the failures of his usual lackies, the commander calls in two renegade Musha Gundams from Ark. One Musha, Ashuramaru, has a bone to pick with Bakunetsumaru, and won't rest until the score is settled!
18 "Fly, Captain! The SDG Base Hangs by a Thread!" May 5, 2004 September 24, 2003
After the run-in with Ashuramaru, both Captain and Bakunetsumaru are taken to Blanc Base for repairs. Then, Zakorello gates start appearing on the sensors, calling the Gundam Force away from the base. But it's no invasion, it's a trick! Corbamaru, another renegade Musha gundam, plans on adding Blanc Base to his record of conquered castles, and Shute, the only one who stuck around, is the only one who can stop him from sending Blanc Base crashing into the ground!
19 "Showdown! Bakunetsumaru vs. Ashuramaru" May 12, 2004 September 25, 2003
The time has come for the long-awaited duel between Bakunetsumaru and Ashuramaru! And, to really make things interesting, a new Musha gundam appears! The Daishogun of Perfect Virtue, a mysterious being who can twist reality, creates an ample stage for two warriors. Both sides watch on as the Musha gundams battle each other in a fight to the finish!
20 "Fenn's Disaster" May 19, 2004 September 26, 2003
The Daishogun of Perfect Virtue is staying at Shute's house, and everyone not in the S.D.G. thinks that sense he is a friend of Bakunetsumaru, the Daishogun is a movie star. With everyone focused on the Musha Gundams, Zero and Fenn are shoved out of the spotlight. Speaking of Lacroa, a Pawn Leo appears, looking for the Spirit Egg.
21 "Awakening! Feather Dragon" May 26, 2004 September 29, 2003
Talgeese is back, and with two new warriors, attacks the Gundam Force in Neotopia! As the SDGF fights against the three evil knights, Fenn must awaken as the Feather Dragon of Lacroa's legend.
22 "Attack of the Big-Zam" June 2, 2004 September 30, 2003
It's another peaceful day in Neotopia, and the Gundam Force are starring in a movie. But the overacting is cut short when the Dark Axis attacks Blanc Base with the Big-Zam, a virtually unstoppable super-tank!
23 "Fire Up! Captain System" June 9, 2004 October 1, 2003
With Blanc Base down, the Dark Axis start phase two of their invasion. Their Doga bombers attach control horns to the mobile citizens, and it won't be long before they have complete control over the robots in Neotopia! To stop this, the S.D.G. initiate the 'Captain System', but to do that, they need the Re-equipt Ring, which has fallen behind enemy lines.
24 "Trouble! Stolen Soul Drive" June 16, 2004 October 2, 2003
While in 'Brain World' Captain discovers a link to the Dark Axis' Bagu Bagu. But while he investigates, Zako Red steals the Soul Drive! With their invasion complete, the Dark Axis commander makes himself known. Commander Sazabi gives Neotopia an ultimatum: Surrender or be destroyed!
25 "Neotopia's Moment of Truth" June 23, 2004 October 3, 2003
With Captain out of action, and the other Gundams out-gunned, it falls to Shute to take the Soul Drive back, but can he do it?
26 "The Final Battle! Commander vs. Captain" June 30, 2004 October 6, 2003
With his Soul Drive back in place, and the petrification effect of the Bagu Bagu reversed, Captain Gundam faces Commander Sazabi in a battle to decide the fate of Neotopia!

Season 2 (2004)Edit


Episode Title

Japanese Airdate

27 "Into the Dark Axis!" July 7, 2004
In preparations to undertake the restoration of Lacroa, the SDG's Gundamusai mobile fortress departs to a different dimension.
28 "Ways of the Warrior" July 14, 2004
The new Gundam, Genkimaru officially joins the SD Gundam Force.
29 "No More Ultimate Techniques! Terror of the Minov Boundary Sea" July 21, 2004
Cobramaru appears on the Gundamusai as it wanders between dimensions.
30 "Big Comeback! We're the Heroes?" July 28, 2004
Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf, and Destroyer Dom begin a mutiny to takeover the Gundamusai.
31 "Evil Sword Epyon" August 4, 2004
Tallgeese is back, and he has a new weapon - the Evil Sword Epyon, which gives the strength of those it kills to its user. But the Sword has a much darker power than that.
32 "Epyon's Assault!" August 11, 2004
As the Gundam Force battles against the Berserker Epyon, Deathscythe enacts his secret plan and pulls the Gundamusai into Lacroa.
33 "Rescue Operation: The Cursed Princess Lacroa" August 18, 2004
34 "Princess in a Black Dress" August 25, 2004
35 "Genkimaru, Samurai Number One!" September 1, 2004
36 "Rice Balls and the Garden of Wisdom" September 8, 2004
37 "Fierce Fight! Deathscythe the Knight of Darkness" September 15, 2004
38 "Princess Rele, Revived!" September 22, 2004
39 "Gerbera's Invitation" September 29, 2004
40 "Kibaomaru's Attack!!" October 6, 2004
41 "Shute and the Princess Captured!" October 13, 2004
42 "War-torn Ark" October 20, 2004
43 "The Ultimate Challenge! Kibaomaru vs Shute" October 27, 2004
44 "Bakushinmaru, Flare Up!!" November 3, 2004
45 "Gundam Force, Assembled!!" November 10, 2004
46 "The Tears of Cobramaru" November 17, 2004
47 "Musha Daishinshou Unleashed!" November 24, 2004
48 "Tenchijo on Fire! Genkimaru's Roar!!" December 1, 2004
49 "Prelude to Destruction: Gerbera's True Identity" December 8, 2004
The war in Ark has ended, but the final battle against the Dark Axis has begun! Gerbera reveals his origins, and Captain's most powerful weapon is unleashed, but who will prevail?
50 "Total Annihilation?! The Threat of the General" December 15, 2004
Now that the General has been revived, the evil being begins its plan to destroy the universe! The Gundam Force and allies move to stop him, but the Dark Axis master has an even worse trick in order to weaken the heroes.
51 "The Final Battle! The General vs Everyone!" December 22, 2004
With Shute ensnared in a twisted illusion, and the General gaining strength, the Gundam Force must utilize all resources to save their friend. But without Shute to activate the Soul Drive, can Captain muster the strength to succeed?
52 "The Voyage Home" December 29, 2004
With the Dark Axis defeated, the Gundam Force goes on to tie up all loose ends in Lacroa and Ark. But, there will always be a dimension in need of the Superior Defender Gundam Force!


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