Sand Whale and Me AS

Sand Whale and Me (2017)Edit


Episode Title

Original Air Date

01 "Day 1: Warfare Encounter" March 18, 2017
Upon becoming stranded on a desert planet, KFC, a female paratrooper goes in search of food. However, attempting to eat things she discovers on the planet only pushes her closer to death. That is until she happens upon a pack of "sand whales," giant worm-like creatures that burrow beneath the earth and travel at great speeds. Recognizing these creatures as a viable meal, she attempts to capture one but is unable to keep up with their speed. After giving up her pursuit, KFC is forced to settle for a can of "Green Peace" (green peas).
02 "Day 2: Search and Destroy" March 25, 2017
While searching the planet, KFC finally stumbles upon a lone sand whale, which nearly kills her after she engages it. After laughing at her failure, the pack of sand whales flee, with KFC giving chase. However, she is once again unable to keep up with their speed and is forced to settle for another can of "Green Peace."
03 "Day 3: Tin Whale" April 1, 2017
While searching the desert planet, KFC happens upon a giant can of "delicious" Sand Whale. After several unsuccessful attempts to open the can, KFC gives up and once again settles for a can of "Green Peace."
04 "Day 4: The Sandman" April 8, 2017
KFC discovers a buried man sticking out of the desert planet's surface and digs him up. The two are initially standoffish, but soon join forces in the quest to capture a Sand Whale. The episode ends with the two new companions eating "Green Peace" around a fire.
05 "Day 5: Showdown" April 15, 2017
KFC and Sand-Man are seemingly successful in taking down a Sand Whale. However, upon celebrating, the two are attacked by another Whale. After recovering from the attack, KFC spots two ships flying overhead which begin attacking the pack of Sand Whales. Later, around the campfire, KFC is finally able to taste the Sand Whale that she craved.

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