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Series OverviewEdit

Color Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 42 September 10, 1966 September 16, 1967
2 22 September 12, 1981 1981

Season 1 (1966-1967)Edit


Episode Title

Original Airdate

01 "The Heat Thing" September 10, 1966
While exploring the planet Jupiter Jace discovers a molten monster that destroys his ship with a lava bomb. Jace calls Space Ghost and Jan for help so they head for Jupiter to rescue him.
02 "Zorak" September 10, 1966
After Zorak escapes from prison, he and his men head to the Ghost Planet to capture Jace and Jan and force Space Ghost into a battle.
03 "The Lizard Slavers" September 17, 1966
Jace and Jan are off course and decide to check out a strange planet. The Lizard Slavers discover and capture them with a special energy beam. Now it is up to Space Ghost and Blip to save them.
04 "The Web" September 17, 1966
Space Ghost is captured by the Black Widow and its up to Jan, Jace, and Blip to rescue him before it's too late.
05 "The Creature King" September 24, 1966
The twins and Blip crash land on an unknown planet. Where they quickly find themselves captured by giant bats and taken to the home of the Creature King. Whom plans to use the creatures of the planet to invade other worlds and conquer them. It is now up to Space Ghost to save them all.
06 "The Sandman" September 24, 1966
People are disappearing in the desert and the local military calls in Space Ghost to investigate the disappearances.
07 "The Evil Collector" October 1, 1966
Space Ghost and the twins crash land on a planet. While exploring they quickly discover an evil scientist who inhabits the planet. He draws people to the planet to capture them for his unusual collection.
08 "The Drone" October 1, 1966
A mysterious figure sneaks into Space Ghost's hanger and plants a drone on the Phantom Cruiser. The robot activates a short time later and steals the Phantom Cruiser.
09 "Homing Device" October 8, 1966
Mettalus has just destroyed the planet Beta with his missiles. He is now threatening to do the same to Earth unless they meet his demands.
10 "The Robot Master" October 8, 1966
Metallus has contructed a huge robot fleet and takes over Ghost Planet. Can Space Ghost defeat an army of robots?
11 "The Iceman" October 15, 1966
Zeron is an evil villain who is also known as The Iceman. He uses his ice ray to block out sunlight to the Ghost Planet. Space Ghost and the twins must find the source of the ray quickly and shut it down to save the planet.
12 "Hi-Jackers" October 15, 1966
While patrolling space, Jan, Jace, and Blip spot a group of space hi-jackers. They contact Space Ghost and follow the raider's ship, but are captured. Can Space Ghost make it in time?
13 "The Energy Monster" October 22, 1966
Dr. Soonev accidentally creates an energy monster and in his effort to destroy it, he makes it stronger. When he realizes what he has done, he calls in Space Ghost for help.
14 "The Lure" October 22, 1966
Brak kidnaps Jan in order to keep Space Ghost from interfering with his activities. Can Space Ghost rescue Jan from the clutches of the crafty criminal?
15 "The Cyclopeds" October 29, 1966
The twins and Blip are captured when they are forced to stop for repairs on their ship. The Cyclopeds take them to the evil Cyclo and he sends them into his maze. When Space Ghost realizes the kids are missing he tracks down their ship and makes plans for a rescue.
16 "The Schemer" October 29, 1966
The Schemer is up to his old tricks and plans to do away with Space Ghost and crew. Can they escape the deadly trap in time?
17 "Lokar, King of the Killer Locusts" November 5, 1966
Lokar has created a horde of metal eating locusts and plans to take over the universe after eliminating Space Ghost and crew.
18 "Space Sargasso" November 5, 1966
The Lurker and his partner, One Eye, have been preying on ships that pass close by and now they have their sights set on the Phantom Cruiser.
19 "Brago" November 12, 1966
The criminal, Brago, and his gang of thugs are attacking a family holed up in a shelter. Can Space Ghost and crew get there in time to save them?
20 "Revenge of the Spider-Woman" November 12, 1966
The Spider Woman uses Jan and Jace as bait to lure Space Ghost into a trap so she can exact her revenge.
21 "Attack of the Saucer Crab" November 19, 1966
A mysterious craft approaches from another galaxy and it's intentions aren't peaceful. Can Jan and Jace alert Space Ghost in time to stop the mysterious craft?
22 "The Space Birds" November 19, 1966
A bunch of metal birds are attacking satellites and destroying them. Its up to Space Ghost to find the source of these metallic feathered pests.
23 "The Time Machine" November 26, 1966
Jace accidentally sends Jan back in time. Can he and Space Ghost rescue her and bring her back to the present?
24 "Nightmare Planet" November 26, 1966
The evil genius, Dr. Nightmare, has captured Jan and Jace and plans to lure Space Ghost into a trap. Can Space Ghost save the kids and defeat Dr. Nightmare's horrible creations?
25 "Space Armada" December 3, 1966
Metallus has built an armada of specialized robots. Can Space Ghost and crew defeat all these metallic menaces?
26 "The Challenge" December 3, 1966
Zorak has created a metal monster that he thinks will defeat Space Ghost. Can Space Ghost defeat his new foe or will he fall victim to the metal menace?
27 "Jungle Planet" December 10, 1966
The Mind Taker captures the brilliant scientist, Kordak, and now sets his sights on capturing Space Ghost and stealing his intellect.
28 "Ruler of the Rock Robots" December 10, 1966
Zorgat, ruler of the rock robots, tricks Jan and Jace into a trap to lure Space Ghost to his death. Can Space Ghost make it in time to rescue the twins and stop the madman?
29 "Glasstor" December 17, 1966
The glass master, Glasstor, has captured Jace and Jan. Can Space Ghost get there in time to save his wards?
30 "The Space Ark" December 17, 1966
The Creature King returns with a space ark full of dangerous creatures and plans on conquering Jupiter.
31 "The Sorcerer" December 24, 1966
The Sorcerer is using his powerful magic for evil and its up to Space Ghost to stop him before it's too late.
32 "The Space Piranhas" December 24, 1966
Space Ghost is captured by Piranor, who is intent on doing away with Space Ghost once and for all. Can Jace and Jan get to Space Ghost in time to save him from his malicious foe?
33 "The Ovens Of Moltar" December 31, 1966
The evil madman, Moltar, has figured out a way to create molten men and sets his sights on conquering the universe. Can Space Ghost and crew cool off his plans?
34 "Transor: The Matter Mover" December 31, 1966
Transor uses his matter transmitting device to trap Space Ghost, Jan, Jace and Blip. Can they escape from the matter master?
35 "The Gargoyloids" January 7, 1967
A planet has drifted into the galaxy and Space Ghost and crew go to investigate to find it populated by Gargoyloids. Can they stop the creatures before they become sacrifices for their idol?
36 "The Looters" January 7, 1967
Brak is causing trouble once again and Jan and Blip accidentally stumble across his secret hideout. Can Space Ghost make in time to save them?
37 "The Council of Doom, Part One: The Meeting" September 9, 1967
Metallus, Spider Woman, Creature King, Brak, Zorak and Moltar have joined forces as the Council of Doom. Its purpose is the utter destruction of Space Ghost! Metallus strikes first with an armada of super robot rockets.
38 "The Council of Doom, Part Two: Clutches of Creature King" September 9, 1967
With the Ghost Ship badly damaged, Space Ghost lands to repair it - on the Creature King's planet where he has a trap set for the heros.
39 "The Council of Doom, Part Three: The Deadly Trap" September 9, 1967
Zorak and Moltar spring their trap to defeat Space Ghost and the team winds up on a watery planet where they meet Moby Dick the Super Whale.
40 "The Council of Doom, Part Four: The Molten Monsters of Moltar" September 16, 1967
Moltar takes Jace, Jan, and Blip hostage and threatens to eliminate them if Space Ghost does not surrender. Moltar then puts Space Ghost on a ship and sends him to Amzot where he meets the Herculoids.
41 "The Council of Doom, Part Five: Two Faces of Doom" September 16, 1967
Space Ghost and crew are captured by Brak and then Spider Woman has her turn.
42 "The Council of Doom, Part Six: The Final Encounter" September 16, 1967
Space Ghost has been sent to another dimension by the Council of Doom where he meets Chuck and Nancy who summon the magical genie Shazzan who sends Space Ghost back to his dimension to fight the Council of Doom.

Season 2 (1981)Edit


Episode Title

Original Airdate

01 "Microworld" 1981
Toymaker has miniaturized the planet of Cetia 3 and threatens to remove its atmosphere if Space Ghost doesn't surrender his Power Bands.
02 "Planet of the Space Monkeys" 1981
After being neglected by Space Ghost, Jan and Jace, Blip runs away and lands on a planet filled with monkeys, becoming a superhero in his own right.
03 "Nomads" 1981
Lord Ibal and his people are attacked by a giant Space Snake and are saved by Space Ghost. Space Ghost later learns that they are actually robots seeking to conquer the galaxy with their disguised warships.
04 "Attack of the Space Sharks" 1981
Space Sharks are attacking spaceships. As Space Ghost battles them, Jan, Jace and Blip are captured by the Space Sharks and discover that the shark-like Remora and his soldiers from the water planet Liqua have been capturing ships and their passengers for souvenirs.
05 "The Sorceress" 1981
The Sorceress plans to use her magic to take control of Space Ghost and marry him. It's up to Jan, Jace, and Blip to save Space Ghost.
06 "The Antimatter Man" 1981
An accident with an anti-matter experiment transforms Dr. Conta into the Anti-Matter Man. Now Space Ghost, Jan, Jace and Blip must help his fellow scientists return Dr. Conta to normal.
07 "The Starfly" 1981
Jan, Jace and Blip find a Starfly on Ghost Planet and discover that Starflies evolve into Starbeasts, as one attacks the Space Transport Ship Ulysses.
08 "The Toymaker" 1981
While on vacation on a distant planet, Jan, Jace and Blip are captured by mechanical knights and are taken to a spaceship run by the Toymaker. It is up to Space Ghost to save them.
09 "Space Spectre" 1981
Space Spectre, an alternate dimension version of Space Ghost, arrives through a black hole in Space Ghost's dimension. Now Space Ghost must defeat Space Spectre and send him back to his own dimension.
10 "Time Chase" 1981
On Coros IV, Kid Comet uses his powers to travel faster than time, transporting Jan and himself to the prehistoric Coros IV. Meanwhile, Space Ghost, Jace and Blip pursue a space pirate named Barbos to Coros IV and also end up going through a Time Arch to Coros IV's prehistoric state.
11 "The Shadow People" 1981
Space Ghost, Jan, Jace, Blip and Elektra investigate Rombula Station (a floating space refinery) which has recently been deserted. They soon discover that the refinery has been invaded by the Shadow People.
12 "City in Space" 1981
Space Ghost, Jan, Jace and Blip stop at a floating city in space for supplies. When they discover that the planet is moving towards the sun, Space Ghost turns to Elektra to help save it.
13 "Eclipse Woman" 1981
Eclipse Woman is draining energy from the planet Halcion. With help from Kid Comet, Space Ghost, Jan, Jace and Blip fight to keep her from completely draining Halcion of its power.
14 "The Time Master" 1981
A Time Satellite fires beams on the planet Glax-3 that turns back time. Space Ghost discovers that Tempus the Time Master is behind this in a plot to harvest Luxor in order to use it to build a Time Shredder.
15 "The Haunted Space Station" 1981
Upon receiving a distress signal from the Outworld Station, Space Ghost, Jan, Jace, and Blip investigate. They soon discover that Forvalokka the Soul Vampire has turned its crew into zombies that obey his every command.
16 "The Space Dragons" 1981
A fleet of Space Dragon Ships have been attacking mining operations and stealing the Caburites. Space Ghost discovers that the Space Dragon Ships were created by Repto who plans to turn the refined Caburites into fuel for his Space Dragon Ships in a plot to take over the galaxy.
17 "The Big Freeze" 1981
After completing a mission on the planet Vanderfor, Space Ghost, Jace, Jan and Blip notice that the planet is freezing. They leave the planet in the Phantom Cruiser and trace the freeze ray back to Feron.
18 "Web of the Wizard" 1981
The Wizard uses a device to make Space Ghost, Jan, Jace, and Blip see illusions. He plans to have the Phantom Cruiser crash into a planet while it chases an illusion.
19 "The Deadly Comet" 1981
The Commander is using remote-controlled comets to attack ships. Space Ghost calls upon Kid Comet to help stop the Commander before he sends a comet towards the Galactic Council.
20 "Time of the Giants" 1981
After capturing the space pirate Krugar, Space Ghost, Jan, Jace, and Blip fly the Phantom Cruiser through a space cloud that shrinks them. Kruger escapes when they are shrinking and it's up to a miniature Space Ghost to catch Krugar once again.
21 "Devilship" 1981
When Jace is investigating a shuttle during an investigation, he ends up under the evil control of the Wizard. Now it's up to Space Ghost to free Jace from the Wizard's control.
22 "Spacecube Of Doom" 1981
After helping the Herculoids free a mammoth from a tar pit, Space Ghost discovers that a space cube is stealing all the precious metals in the universe. When the Phantom Cruiser is also stolen, Space Ghost discover that the robot Cubus is wanting to save the logical universe with his super computer Ultima and brainwash the creatures of the universe to think logically.

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