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The following is a list of edits made to the 13 part OVA, Tenchi Muyo!, that aired on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. This list is a compilation of thirteen seperate lists that can be found on[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13]

Ryoko ResurrectedEdit

  1. Scene of vines peeling away from boulder after Tenchi split the rock was cut.
  2. Scene of Tenchi resting against the passageway entrance after resealing it cut.
  3. Dialogue for Amagasaki completely redubbed.
  4. Sequence where Amagasaki accuses Tenchi of sleeping with a mummy and Tenchi cold-cocking Amagasaki cut.
  5. Scene of Tenchi dreaming of Ryoko in the cave while sleeping on the roof cut.
  6. Scene of Tenchi bumping into Ryoko's breasts cut.
  7. Scene of burning school cut. Tenchi's dialogue moved.
  8. Scene of Ryoko rolling over in Tenchi's bed shortened to remove a shot of her open dress and broad cleavage.
  9. Second cleavage shot of Ryoko cropped to remove most of her breasts with the rest being covered by digital paint.
  10. Ending theme replaced with abbreviated version of the first OVA opening.

Here Comes Ayeka!Edit

  1. Ryoko's "I want your balls, please" changed to "I want your sword, please.“
  2. Scene of Nobuyuki videotaping through Tenchi's window cut.
  3. Ayeka's viewer showing Nobuyuki clutching his camcorder replaced with a second image of the Masaki house.
  4. Ayeka and Ryoko's exchange about sadism and masochism cut.
  5. Shot of wildlife aboard the Ryuuou cut.
  6. Shot of Ayeka's quarters and Ayeka combing her hair cut.
  7. Scene of Sasami calling Ryoko an "older lady" and Ryoko's reaction cut.
  8. Ryoko's "And here comes the Princess" cut.
  9. Ayeka's "You are lying!" to Tenchi cut.
  10. Scene of Ayeka pinned under Azaka cut.
  11. Tenchi's "She's just a girl!" and Ryoko's "So what?" cut.
  12. Scene of Ayeka's initial demand that Ryoko stop their descent cut.
  13. Scene of Nobuyuki commenting on the news of the bridge destruction cut.

Hello, Ryo-Ohki!Edit

  1. Scene of Sasami sighing before following Ayeka out of their room cut.
  2. Sasami’s "Did you lay it?" to Ryoko cut.
  3. Ryoko’s "...bear a child with the man I love" changed to "...start a family with the man I love".
  4. Tenchi’s "Child!?" changed to "Family!?"
  5. Scene of Ryoko patting down Tenchi's crotch cut.
  6. Scene of Katsuhito feeling up Ryoko's breasts cut. Subsequent scene of Katsuhito greeting Ryo-Ohki and admonishing Tenchi about fatherhood cut.
  7. Scene of Ryoko demolishing a staircase cut.
  8. Ayeka given digital panties under her kimono.
  9. Scene of Tenchi stepping outside the storage shed and Ayeka getting undressed cut. Subsequent scene of Ayeka being frightened by Ryo-Ohki and Tenchi rushing in to comfort her cut.
  10. Ryoko’s "...pissed we got it back" changed to "...peeved we got it back".

Mihoshi Falls to the Land of StarsEdit

  1. Scene of Whiterock getting incinerated during the space battle cut.
  2. Ryoko’s "I want to talk to you about something, Tenchi" changed to "But I want to talk about something, Tenchi dear".
  3. Ryoko’s "You're thinking of something kinky right now" changed to "You're thinking of something silly right now".
  4. Scene of Nobuyuki teaching Tenchi how to peep into the women's bath cut.
  5. Ryoko wears a blue, digitally inserted, bikini. Also her nipples have been removed from the profiles of her breasts.
  6. Ryoko’s "You saw me naked before" changed to "You saw me up close before".
  7. Scene of Ayeka retreating back into the bath house only to have Ryoko pull her back out through the wall cut.
  8. Ayeka wears a red, digitally inserted, one-piece bathing suit.
  9. Sasami’s "You're a naughty boy" changed to "You're a bad boy". (Oddly Tenchi subsequently apologizes for being "naughty".)
  10. Ryoko’s "It's no big deal to show your naked body" changed to "It's no big deal to show your bathing suit".
  11. Ryoko’s "You were going to show him your naked body anyway" changed to "You were going to show it (her bathing suit) to him anyway".
  12. Ryoko’s "It's only natural to take a bath naked" changed to "So you take a bath with your clothes on, huh?"
  13. Scene of Ryoko kicking her Water Demon cut.
  14. Blood digitally removed when Water Demon hits Tenchi.
  15. Scene of Tenchi's aunt dragging Nobuyuki by the ear cut.

Kagato Attacks!Edit

  1. Scene of Ryoko drinking sake and welcoming Ayeka into the onsen cut.
  2. Ryoko wears a blue, digitally inserted, bikini.
  3. Ryoko’s "...failed to seduce Tenchi." changed to "...failed to attract Tenchi."
  4. Scene of young Tenchi peeing outside Ryoko's cave while spectral Ryoko watches cut.
  5. Ayeka’s "You're over 1000 years old and it's annoying to be seduced by an old lady." cut.
  6. Mihoshi has digitally inserted bikini straps under her towel.
  7. Shot of tub full of empty sake bottles blacked out.
  8. Mihoshi’s second "That's what I thought. He might be my destiny." cut.
  9. Sasami’s "smells like sake" changed to "smells like bad tea".
  10. Scene of Ryogo cuddling Ryo-Ohki to her bosom cut.
  11. Tenchi’s "don't kill her, Grandpa" cut.
  12. Scene of Ayeka warning Tenchi away from the sword and being admonished by Yōshō cut.
  13. Scene of Mihoshi feeding alcohol to one of Ryo-Ohki’s crystals cut.
  14. Scene of Kagato commenting on the appearance of the Light Hawk Wings and preparing his counter-strategy cut.
  15. Scene of Ayeka searching the debris for Tenchi shortened.
  16. Scene of Ryoko searching the debris for Tenchi shortened.
  17. Amount of blood on Tenchi's scarf digitally reduced.

We Need TenchiEdit

  1. Close shot of Tenchi's blood soaked scarf in Ayeka's hands cut. (However, when Ryoko brought the scarf on board it was shown. Unlike the last episode there was no digital reduction of the quantity of blood on the scarf.)
  2. Ryoko’s "I will kill Kagato!" changed to "I will get Kagato!" Second time changed to "I will destroy him!"
  3. Scene of Kagato leaving his throne and sitting at the organ cut.
  4. Scene of Ryoko examining the stone wall for an entrance cut.
  5. Minor shots of Ryoko, Ayeka and Mihoshi moving towards Kagato's chapel cut.
  6. Scene of Washu examining and evaluating Ryoko's body cut.
  7. Washu’s "On top of that you want to do 'this and that' with Tenchi" cut.
  8. Ayeka’s dream sequence shortened to remove shots of her nudity. Purple digital paint used to cover remaining nude shots.
  9. Scene of false Yōshō attempting to merge with Ayeka cut.
  10. Duel between Ryoko and Kagato shortened.
  11. Scene of Washu trying to explain the Reverse World to Mihoshi cut.
  12. Spray of blood digitally removed when Kagato slams Ryoko into the pillar.
  13. Scene of Washu suggesting to Mihoshi and Ayeka that they all pray cut.
  14. Scene of Washu declaring that Tenchi can create Light Hawk Wings and that she'll make Tenchi hers cut.

The Night Before the CarnivalEdit

  1. Scene of Tenchi going to the bathroom with Ryoko's head phased through the wall cut.
  2. Nurse Washu and the Sperm Sample scene cut.
  3. Ryoko again wears a digitally inserted blue bikini.
  4. Ayeka again wears a digitally inserted red one-piece bathing suit.
  5. Open panel exposing Ryoko's cleavage through her top digitally painted over. (This digital paint job is inconsistent as you can see the digital paint appear and disappear throughout this sequence.)
  6. Ryoko’s "Tonight we're gonna get real wet" changed to "Tonight we're going to dive into some fun".
  7. Ryoko’s "You can go first, I don't care" changed to "You can go first, I don't mind at all".
  8. Ryoko’s "You're trying to get him in the sack too..." changed to "You're trying to get him on a date too...".
  9. Scene of Ryoko examining Ayeka and commenting on her make-up, nightie, hormones, etc cut.
  10. Ryoko’s " with him and make love to him..." changed to "...stay with him all the time...".
  11. Blood spray digitally removed from impact during Sasami's dream.
  12. Pool of blood around Sasami digitally colored dark blue. Blood digitally removed from Sasami's face.

Hello Baby!Edit

  1. Scene of Tarou peeing on Ryoko and Ayeka with Ayeka subsequently tossing him across the room into Tenchi cut.
  2. Scene of Tarou lying on the couch bottomless and crying while Mihoshi tries to figure out how diapers work cut.
  3. Ryoko’s "He won't pee so soon" changed to "He won't go so soon".
  4. Scene of Mihoshi picking up Tarou and having him pee again cut.
  5. Scene of Tarou peeing in Ryoko's face cut.
  6. Scene of Tenchi in the onsen overhearing Mihoshi giving Tarou a bath cut.
  7. Scene of a stressed Mihoshi holding a naked Tarou while an equally stressed Ayeka proceeds to drink his formula cut.
  8. Tarou’s penis digitally removed when Ryoko does her high speed diaper change.
  9. Scene of Tarou relieving himself in the onsen while Washu bathes him cut.
  10. Washu wears a green, digitally inserted, one-piece bathing suit.
  11. Scene of Tenchi turning to comfort Washu and confronting her adult bosom cut.
  12. Washu’s "I'll be glad to bear a child..." changed to "I'll be glad to go on a date…".
  13. Scene of Washu comforting Ryoko about giving her a little brother and then tossing her into the lake cut.
  14. Washu’s "...that I'm lonely come bedtime..." changed to "...that I'm lonely sometimes…".

Sasami and TsunamiEdit

  1. Scene of Washu and Sasami walking through the woods cut.
  2. Scene of panicked Tenchi running into Ayeka in the onsen and subsequently collapsing in the water cut.
  3. Ryoko again wears her digitally inserted blue bikini.
  4. Mihoshi again wears her digitally inserted swimsuit straps.
  5. Scene of Nobuyuki electrocuting himself at the electrical service box cut.
  6. Scene of Ryoko and Mihoshi bound and gagged behind the bushes cut.
  7. Blood removed from aftermath of Sasami's fall in the arboretum.
  8. Scene of nanny asking Sasami if she is alright cut.
  9. Scene of Washu leaving Ryoko and Mihoshi tied up behind the bushes cut.
  10. Ryoko’s "Have a little sake" changed to "Have a little tea with me".
  11. Tenchi’s "No thanks. I'm still a minor." changed to "No thanks. I don't want it."
  12. Katsuhito and Nobuyuki's "Go right ahead" changed to "Tea's good for you."
  13. Scene of Mihoshi tripping and pushing Ryoko and Ayeka into the lake along with their subsequent arguing cut.

I Love TenchiEdit

  1. Interior body contour lines of femform MASS removed.
  2. Scene of newly metamorphosed Ryo-Ohki slowly sitting up cut.
  3. Scene of Ryo-Ohki saying her first word ("carrot") and being helped to her feet to be admired by the gang only to promptly fall down again cut.
  4. Pan up from Ryoko to the sky shortened.
  5. Scene of battleship Shunga shortened.

The Advent of the GoddessEdit

  1. Scene of Tenchi undergoing another Washu lab analysis shortened.
  2. Scene of Tenchi asking Washu if he needed to remove his clothes cut.
  3. Sasami’s "She went out a while ago to buy some sake" changed to "She went out a while ago to buy some tea".
  4. Ayeka’s "She probably drank it all on the way and fell asleep, as usual" changed to "I really wouldn't count on her coming straight home, you know. I know her".
  5. Washu’s "Your breasts are sagging" changed to "Your body's sagging".
  6. Scene of Mihoshi and Ryo-Ohki playing catch with Washu's scanner cut. (Odd cut since this scene was used as the Mihoshi promo when the series was first aired on Toonami.)
  7. Scene of Ryoko hovering over the house receiving orders from Dr. Clay cut.
  8. Scene of the gang having dinner and being distracted by Ryoko's strange behavior cut.
  9. Scene of young Tenchi peeing in front of the cave while spectral Ryoko watches cut.
  10. Scene of Ryoko and Washu taking a bath together cut. (This was an important scene as this is when Washu discovers Ryoko is an imposter as well as who she's working for.)

Zero RyokoEdit

  1. Scene of Ryoko failing to stab Tenchi in his sleep shortened.
  2. Ryoko’s "...then I won't have to kill Tenchi" changed to "...then I won't have to destroy Tenchi at all".
  3. Washu’s "I didn't know he went for that sort of thing" cut.
  4. Ryoko's pause after throwing down the Washu doll cut.
  5. Ryoko’s "...otherwise I'll kill you" changed to "...otherwise you'll be destroyed".
  6. Ryoko wears a digitally inserted bikini top in the capsule.
  7. Scene of Ryoko yelling at Washu from the capsule cut.
  8. Washu and Dr. Clay's lolicon exchange cut.
  9. Much of the conversation between Dr. Clay and Washu cut. (reveals a lot about Washu's history.)
  10. Scene of Mihoshi concluding that she, Tenchi and Ayeka are trapped in the corridor cut.
  11. Scene of Washu buttoning her shirt cut.
  12. Scene of Washu toying with Dr. Clay's favorite vase shortened.
  13. Washu's "...don't do anything indecent with it" changed to "...don't do anything stupid with it".
  14. Dr. Clay's pity party cut.
  15. Dr. Clay reminding Washu of her past claims of infallibility cut.
  16. Scene of Dr. Clay sitting up after Washu's punch cut.
  17. Scene of Washu cropped to remove Ryoko from the frame.
  18. Scene of control statue opening and Washu commenting on Dr. Clay's taste cut.
  19. Scene of Washu punching and destroying the control statue cut.
  20. Scene of Mihoshi tripping and breaking Washu's present to Dr. Clay cut.
  21. Conversation between Washu and Ryoko about incorporating Zero shortened.

Here Comes JuraiEdit

  1. Role of Seiryuu completely redubbed because of his stereotypical gay lisp.
  2. Scene of everybody placing bets on the Tenchi/Seiryuu duel cut.
  3. Appendix episode, "Here Comes Jurai II" cut.


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