The following is a list of edits made to the 13 episodes of the first season of The Big O that aired on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. This list is a compilation of four seperate lists that can be found on[1][2][3][4]

Roger, The NegotiatorEdit

  1. Scene of bartender opening a Budweiser cut.
  2. Blood digitally removed from floor and walls of Soldano's factory.
  3. Big O's boot up phrase changed from "Cast in the Name of God, ye not Guilty" to "Cast in the Name of Good, ye not Guilty”. (This edit occurs in all episodes of the series)

Dorothy, DorothyEdit

  1. Scene of man in a car talking to two hookers cut. (This scene was used in CN's promos for The Big O.)
  2. Pan across the bar during Roger's conversation with Big Ear cut.
  3. Scene of gun thrust into Roger's back cut.
  4. Scene of bullet hole in Beck's thug's coat pocket cut.
  5. Blood removed from scene where Wayneright's cane falls to the floor.
  6. Blood removed from Wayneright's murder scene.

Electric CityEdit

  1. Scene of rifle thrust into Roger's back cut.
  2. Roger's "god" changed to "sea titan.”
  3. Scene of Angel sliding Roger's sunglasses out of her cleavage cut.
  4. Roger's "wrath of God" cut.

Underground TerrorEdit

  1. Roger's "God and State" changed to "Church and State.”
  2. Shot of Seebach's ashtray towering with cigarette butts cut. (But this ashtray remained in the longshots of his desk.)
  3. Flashback to Wayneright's death abbreviated to remove bullet hole and blood.
  4. Scene of Schwarzwald being incinerated atop the Mega-Deus cut.
  5. Roger's "You're no god" changed to "You're no ghost.”

Bring Back My GhostEdit

  1. Opening shot of Frasier's limosine cut.
  2. Frasier's cigar and smoke digitally removed.
  3. Scene of Frasier stubbing out his cigar cut.
  4. Scene of Roger's face during Norman's voiceover replaced with shot of Dorothy by the elevator.
  5. Blood removed from body lying outside the Military Police car.
  6. Scene of Dastun and Roger waiting by the gate of the Frasier mansion shortened.
  7. Scenes of Dastun smoking cut.
  8. Dastun's "by the justice and honor of the Military Police" cut.

A Legacy of AmadeusEdit

No edits whatsoever.

A Call from the PastEdit

  1. Scenes of Angel nervously smoking in the submerged office building cut.

Missing CatEdit

  1. Scene of Military Police zipping up a body bag cut.
  2. Blood digitally removed from murder scene.
  3. Scene of Military Police prodding corpse of mutated dog cut.
  4. Scene of Robert being riddled with machinegun fire cut.
  5. Scene of Louise getting hit with machinegun fire cut.
  6. Blood and bullet holes digitally removed from Louise's body.
  7. Scene of Roger laying out the bodies of Robert and Louise cut.
  8. Scene of Eugene proclaiming himself the Creator at the foot of a crucifix cut.
  9. Scenes of Eugene holding a gun to Dorothy's head during battle with Pero cut.
  10. Scene of Pero crushing Eugene cut.

Beck Comes BackEdit

  1. Scene of Beck cocking his pistol and pointing it at Francis cut.
  2. Blood digitally removed from Francis in the cabin.

Winter Night PhantomEdit

  1. Scene in cathedral edited to remove crucifix behind pulpit.
  2. Scene in cathedral edited to remove little girl grabbing the robot bomb and detonating it.
  3. Scene of Major Dastun receiving a casualty report in front of body bags cut.
  4. Scene of little girl's body being carried out cut.
  5. Roger's "...lost in the explosion." changed to "...hurt in the explosion.“
  6. Scene of Dastun taking out a cigarette in front of the theater cut.
  7. Cigarette digitally removed from Dastun's mouth when he sees the Phantom Woman.
  8. Scene of cigarette falling to the ground cut.
  9. Dastun's narration of the movie flashback detailing the woman being shot by the man she loved removed. (The scene just played with a musical backdrop.)
  10. Scene of Dastun getting drunk by Roger's fireside cut.
  11. Scene of police funeral for Dastun's driver cut.
  12. Scene of Dastun cradling the Phantom Woman's body on the pier shortened.


  1. Scene of Roger's glass being filled with wine cut. Accompanying dialogue about Paradigm giving alms in the form of bread and wine also removed.
  2. Scene of Oliver explaining that his grandfather was probably in Heaven cut.
  3. Scene of Alex explaining Heaven's Day as originally celebrating the birth of god's son cut.
  4. Scene of Dastun sitting on a tree root smoking a cigarette cut.
  5. End title card changed from "Merry Xmas" to "We Have Come to Terms".

Enemy is Another BigEdit

  1. Angel's cigarette digitally removed.
  2. Scene of Angel bringing a cigarette to her lips cut.
  3. Close-up of Angel's smile with a cigarette in her lips cut.
  4. Schwarzwald's party edited to remove scenes of alcohol consumption.
  5. Scene of burning partygoers throwing themselves from the windows cut.
  6. Scene of Dorothy finding Angel's cigarette butt cut.


  1. Blood digitally removed from mirror and make-up table.
  2. Shot of dancer's corpse cut.
  3. Shot of Dastun's murder scene photographs cut.
  4. Scene of Dorothy remembering her discovery of Angel's cigarette butt cut.
  5. Another shot of Dastun's murder scene photographs cut.
  6. Blood digitally removed from murdered porter's locker.
  7. Blood digitally removed from Gordon Rosewater's lab smock.
  8. Not an Edit... Roger bleeds from his gunshot wound.
  9. Blood on Roger's shirtsleeve digitally reduced.
  10. Blood digitally removed from Roger's watch.
  11. Blood digitally removed from Roger's arm and shirtsleeve.
  12. End title card changed from "to be continued" to "We Have Come to Terms.”


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