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Series OverviewEdit

Color Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 36 September 9, 1967 January 6, 1968
2 11 September 12, 1981 November 21, 1981

Season 1 (1967-1968)Edit


Episode Title

Original Airdate

1 "The Beaked People" September 9, 1967
Krokaw of the Parrot Men (the Beaked People) plans on taking over Amzot and attacks the flying monkey people to lure Zandor into his trap. Zandor gets captured but Dorno and Zok follow him and Dorno gets captured. Tara and the Herculoids come running as Zandor is sent on a one-way trip down the River of Peril over the Bottomless Falls. Zok frees Zandor and Tundro sends Krokaw over the falls to his (apparent) death.
2 "The Raider Apes" September 9, 1967
Gotron and his Raider Apes attack a nearby village, intent on stealing the people's gold. Summoned by the villagers, the Herculoids arrive and follow the apes into the cave the gold is hidden in. The villains eventually recover their gold, and load it onto their ship. However, the ship is so weighted down with gold that it can barely move. Zandor sends Zok out with one last bag of loot. The dragon drops it right on Gotron's face, and the ship sinks. The chief of the village reveals that the survivors got away and Zandor suspects that Gotron will one day return.
3 "The Pod Creatures" September 16, 1967
While Zandor investigates a strange noise, Dorno discovers a field filled with strange pods landing from space. Creatures emerge and try to capture him, Igoo, and Gleep. The other Herculoids arrive and fight them off.
4 "Sarko The Arkman" September 16, 1967
Arko (Sarko), the Arkman of the planet Zodan, arrives on Quasar to capture animals for his experiments. He captures Igoo in an energy field and transports him onto his ship. Arko uses gas to knock out Zandor and Dorno and Tundro are captured. Gleep escapes, and tells Tara, Zok and Gloop what happened. Also, Gloop goes to Zodan with Zandor and Zok. Dorno, Igoo and Tundro are taken to the planet Zodan by Arko. Zok and Zandor fly through space to Arko's planet. The Herculoids destroy Arko's base and use his ship to return to Quasar.
5 "The Mole Men" September 23, 1967
When Zandor hears a bird shriek he departs without warning and Dorno leads the Herculoids after him. A mole ship is invading the surface and attacks Dorno. Zandor goes after the Mole Men guards guarding the surface entrance in preparation of invasion. Knocking them out, he descends into the depths of the Earth and confronts Markon. Targo, an imprisoned rebel, helps Zandor to escape while Markon pursues. Zandor makes his escape and the Herculoids toss the sentry ship back down the tunnel.
6 "The Pirates" September 23, 1967
A pirate brings his treasure to the Herculoids planet to bury it and attacks Dorno, Igoo and Tundro. The pirate leader takes Dorno hostage but with Gleep's help Zandor rescues him and sends the pirates packing. The leader goes down with his ship when Igoo pulls it down on takeoff.
7 "The Spider Man" September 30, 1967
Dorno gets captured by six-legged mustachioed spider men raiders while the Herculoids rescue Tara from similar capture. Zandor and Zok rescue Dorno but the two get recaptured by the spider men's adhesive guns. Tara takes the lead and frees them. They then seal off the entrance to the spider men's cave and put an end to the threat… for now.
8 "Mekkor" September 30, 1967
Mekkor and his army of robot invaders lands on Amzot - Mekkor buries himself underground, leaving his antenna above ground to direct his hordes of robot warriors. The robots keep overpowering the Herculoids until Zandor cuts off Mekkor's antenna with his shield - without his control, the robots fall, and break into pieces. Mekkor himself pops back up and Zok blasts him, saving the day.
9 "Destroyer Ants" October 7, 1967
A lightning storm awakens a nest of giant ant eggs. These over sized alien army ants cause havoc and destruction that Zandor and the Herculoids must put an end to.
10 "The Lost Dargyte" October 7, 1967
A giant vulture captures a Dargyte and Dorno spots it and calls the others to rescue it. Zok beats the vulture and they escort the Dargyte through the Stone Forest to safety, but on their return are ambushed by a spike-shooting caterpillar, an armadillo-like creature, and electricity-shooting beetles. The Herculoids prove triumphant and get back to their own valley.
11 "Defeat Of Ogron" October 14, 1967
After an alien invader's wave of scout ships are defeated, he sends his champion Ogron to engage Zandor and Zak in an aerial duel.
12 "The Android People" October 14, 1967
Zorvak and the Android People use their duplication machine to launch an attack on the Herculoids and capture Zandor to make a super-warrior android. Zandor escapes and they defeat the Android Androids, but the Zandor super-giant android shows up. The Herculoids distract it long enough for Zandor to destroy the control unit on its chest. It turns against its creators and they destroy each other.
13 "Temple Of Trax" October 21, 1967
The Herculoids come upon the ruins of a lost civilization - Zandor and Zok leave briefly, and Tara is kidnapped by gargoyle statues that come to life. As the remaining Herculoids are attacked, Zandor returns to help them out and then they must battle with an ancient priest who intends to sacrifice Tara to the largest gargoyle, Trax.
14 "Swamp Monster" October 21, 1967
When a meteor crashes into the nearby swamp, the radiation creates a ferocious monster that the Herculoids must take on and defeat.
15 "Laser Lancers" October 28, 1967
The story starts with Zandor knocked out by the Laser Lancers and the Herculoids coming to the rescue. Magoth and the Lancers send a new wave of attackers which the Herculoids repel but its a ploy to take Dorno and Tara hostage. With Gleep's help they seal off the tunnel the Lancers used to sneak up and repel them once and for all.
16 "The Raiders" October 28, 1967
Sta-Lak lands on Amzot and take Tara hostage so he can loot the planet of its riches. Sta-Lak attacks the Herculoids with his death ray robots and they easily defeat the robots while Sta-Lak escapes in his ship. Sta-Lak's ship is destroyed by Zok's eye beams and a rock thrown by Igoo.
17 "Tiny World Of Terror" November 4, 1967
Torrak shrinks the Herculoids, pitting them against his army of warrior microorganisms.
18 "Prisoners Of The Bubblemen" November 4, 1967
The Bubblemen launch an attack in their bubbleships to capture Zandor and Tara for their experiments.
19 "The Time Creatures" November 11, 1967
Oton and the Time Creatures are from the future and they want to destroy everything from the past. Oton and the Creatures attack Dorno, Gleep, and Tundro, capturing Dorno and returning with him to the future. Zandor uses Oton's time device to propel himself and the Herculoids 5,000 years in the future. Oton sends his space tanks to destroy the Herculoids but our heroes emerge triumphant. Zandor and the Herculoids rescue Dorno and return to their own time.
20 "The Gladiators Of Kyanite" November 11, 1967
The Gladiators of Kyanite arrive and take Tundro for their games. Zandor and Zok go to the rescue as Tundro fights in the arena but must battle their way out. The other Heculoids arrive and defeat the Gladiators but must face the two Champions. They defeat them as well and depart.
21 "Mekkano, The Machine Master" November 18, 1967
Mekkano the Machine Man is rescued from the intergalactic prison by his automated ship with its electro-smasher and goes to get revenge on Zandor and the Herculoids.
22 "Invasion Of The Electrode Men" November 18, 1967
Volton and his Electrode Men launch an attack on Amzot to vaporize all matter on the planet. Gloop, Zandor, Igoo, and Dorno repel an initial attack and then Volton leads a new attack with more of his forces. He takes Darno and Tara hostage and Zandor leads a night-time attack to free them while Zok breaks a dam and floods Volton's crater-base. Volton flees and the Herculoids prove triumphant.
23 "Mission Of The Amatons" November 25, 1967
Amak and the Amatons come to the planet and place control collars on some animals. When their efforts to enslave the Herculoids fail, Amak tries to kill them. Gloop and Gleep save the day by turning Amak's stun turret on him, causing his ship to crash.
24 "Queen Skorra" November 25, 1967
Queen Skorra unleashes a mud/lava creature which they eventually defeat but Skorra plans to force them into exile by sending her drones to capture Gleep, Gloop, Tara, and Dorno. They defend themselves long enough for Zandor and the others to return and drive off the drones. Skorra launches a mega-shield missile and closes the mega-circle to destroy everyone but Tundro creates a smokescreen while the others make a tunnel to escape and then send Skorra running.
25 "Attack Of The Faceless People" December 2, 1967
The princess Serena of the Sun People arrives on Amzot, being pursued by Darkon of the Faceless People. Darkon wants Serena so he can control her people. The Herculoids successfully drive him off but not before he captures Zara. Zandor agrees to a swap but substitutes a berobed Gleep for Serena and they destroy Darkon's palace from the inside.
26 "The Zorbots" December 2, 1967
A new batch of aliens led by Konar use an atmosphere asborber on Amzot while the Herculoids look on. When Zandar and the rest go to investigate, the aliens open fire. The Herculoids drive them back but the aliens respond with a gun capable of turning rock to magma. Zandor "surrenders" and then they sneak out and shut down the absorber, then fight and defeat the alien zorbots.
27 "Return Of Sta-Lek" December 9, 1967
Sta-Lek returns to Amzot seeking vengeance and equipped with robot duplicates of Igoo, Zok, and Tundro. He captures Dorno and Tara and Zandor and the others are forced to go into his volcano lair. The robot duplicates prove no match to the originals even though the robot Igoo can spin at high speeds and has multiple arms, and the mecho-Tundro can fly. Sta-Lek enters a bubble and flees into a volcanic lavahole.
28 "Revenge Of The Pirates" December 9, 1967
The pirate captain and his crew from "The Pirates" returns. Using an image transmitter, the captain immobilizes Zandor and the Herculoids and takes Dorno and Tara prisoner. Zok uses his neutralizing eye beams to free them and then Gloop finds the real Dorno and Tara from the transmitted images and the Herculoids launch a new assault. The captain tries to escape and Gloop blocks his escape missile tube, causing the ship to explode.
29 "Ruler Of The Reptons" December 16, 1967
Tara is captured by the Reptons, who place her in a mind control device to make her their evil queen. She orders her people to destroy Zandor and the Herculoids, who beat them and go to rescue Tara. The Reptons send the Destructo Bats after them, but they escape, recover Tara, free her from the machine's influence, and destroy the Reptons' underground lair.
30 "The Island Of The Gravites" December 16, 1967
Zandor and Dorno rescue a man floating in the river who says he is from Gravite Island and tells them that a villain has taken over the island. The Herculoids go to investigate and are attacked by giant gravite creatures. The creatures are being created by Lotak who wants the village because of its large deposits of gravite. Zok destroys the machine Lotak uses to make his creatures and Lotak is destroyed when his energy ray backfires.
31 "Malak And The Metal Apes" December 23, 1967
Malak sends his Metal Apes to attack the Sea People. Dorno is shot off of Zok by one of the creatures. Zandor and the Herculoids destroy the Metal Apes. A damaged Metal Ape returns to Malak's headquarters and is followed by the Herculoids. The Herculoids destroy the remaining Metal Apes and Zok causes a steel beam to fall on Malak and his assistant.
32 "The Return Of Torrak" December 23, 1967
Torrak returns and sends out a giant fly to capture Tara. The Herculoids follow and discover that Torrak's warrior microorganisms are now larger and more formidable but defeat them anyway.
33 "Attack From Space" December 30, 1967
Amzot is being bombarded by the planet Luvanuum. Zaygot and his henchmen are trying to destroy Azmot. The Herculoids travel to Luvanuum in a ship captured from Sarco. When they land their ship is destroyed and they are attacked by winged sentries with deadly laser beams. The Herculoids destroy Zaygot's base and he escapes - they use Zaygot's ship to return to Amzot.
34 "The Antidote" December 30, 1967
While investigating panic among the Monkey People, Zandor confronts a giant spider and is bitten and poisoned. Dorno must go to the six-legged mustachioed Spider People within the Endless Caves with the Herculoids to get the only known antidote. The Spider People capture Dorno to hold him hostage. The Herculoids eventually stage a rescue, get the antidote, and block the Spider People's caves to cover their escape.
35 "The Mutoids" January 6, 1968
A ship crash lands on Amzot with a sole occupant on board. Zandor offers assistance and the passenger turns out to be a Mutoid, a race who can change their appearance to anything. The Mutoids plan to use Amzot as a launching site for their missiles to fool their enemies. Can Zandor and the Herculoids stop them in time?
36 "The Crystalites" January 6, 1968
A meteor crash lands on Azmot and transforms into a giant crystaline object. Zandor investigates and is attacked by the Crystalites while Tara and Dorno are captured in crystal cells. Zandor, Gloop, and Gleep steal uniforms and sneak into the fortress and free Dorno and Tara. Gloop and Zok destroy Kryton's ship and he is defeated.

Season 2 (1981)Edit


Episode Title

Original Airdate

1 "The Ice Monster" September 12, 1981
Dorno is feeling depressed when Zandor treats him like a child because of his size and age. Cue an ancient robot monster emerging from an iceblock that is indestructible. Gleep and Dorno sneak into the robot and manage to take control of it and direct it to walk off a cliff, escaping in the nick of time.
2 "The Purple Menace" September 19, 1981
The Herculoids are attacked by purple vines whose existence was brought about by glowing purple energy rocks.
3 "The Firebird" September 26, 1981
A giant bird made of fire escapes from beneath the planet Quasar's surface and causes a volcano to form that threatens to destroy the planet. Zandor, Tundro, and Igoo drive away the Firebird and the group discovers that the Firebird was protecting its egg that was in the volcano. After recovering the egg the group seals up the volcano. The Firebird and its newly hatched egg then fly away.
4 "The Energy Creature" October 3, 1981
An energy creature lands on Quasar via a meteorite. The creature can take on the form and properties of any creature it duplicates while imprisoning them in energy coils. It takes on the form of Igoo and proves difficult to defeat. Igoo manages to break free through sheer determination and Zandor defeats the creature by tricking it into taking on the form of a Millennium Plant which will be in suspended animation for the next few centuries.
5 "The Snake Riders" October 10, 1981
Dorno and Gleep spot the Snake Riders, who plan an attack from halfway across the planet, across the Boiling Sea. They warn the others and the Herculoids drive them back to their caverns, but Zara gets captured. Zok disguises himself as one of the Riders' giant snakes and Dorno disguises himself as a Snake Rider and they sneak in, free Zara, and seal off the passageway leading back to the Snake Riders' home.
6 "The Buccaneer" October 17, 1981
The Buccaneer and his pirates arrive on Quasar searching for a buried treasure. They meet the Herculoids and tell them of their plans, then use their hovercraft to search for the treasure. They begin drilling near a fault line that is close to the Sand People's home. The Buccaneer kidnaps Dorno and then Zandor when he attempts a rescue. Tara and Zok rescue Zandor and Dorno and Zok captures the Buccaneer and his pirates- Zandor commands they leave Quasar never to return.
7 "The Thunderbolt" October 24, 1981
Saju, a creature with a voracious appetite, comes upon some electrically charged rocks, and eats them. He becomes a living electrical monster. But the Herculoids soon realize this is only temporary. While the others fill up the crevasse the rocks are in, Zandor lures Saju into a canyon. While trying to reason with him, Zandor is buried under a pile of rocks. Saju loses his electrical energy, and even helps Tara, Dorno, and the Herculoids get Zandor out.
8 "Return Of The Ancients" October 31, 1981
The descendents/survivors of a highly-developed race that was wiped out on Quasar return to the planet after a 1,000-year mission, and they're not happy to find out their civilization is gone. They attack and capture Dorno, and Gleep and Gloop bring the others. When Zandor confronts them they capture him and put him into a battle with energy whips against their leader. Tara and the Herculoids find proof of how the aliens' civilization was wiped out by trumpeter plants while Zandor plays for time. Tara gets the flower to Zandor which he uses to drive the aliens off.
9 "Space Trappers" November 7, 1981
The Space Trappers arrive on Quasar seeking animals for an intergalactic circus. They decide that the Herculoids are perfect specimens, and use their Psycho Modulator to control them. Tara frees them from the Trappers' control by destroying the Psycho Modulator with energy rocks.
10 "The Invisibles" November 14, 1981
A chunk of magnalite lands in the Lost Lake on Quasar. Before long, the Herculoids are up against enemies they can't see. Zandor discovers that the invisible adversaries are Zelos. The team goes to see King Zel, who reveals that his son Eezo and other exiled Zelos may be the culprits. The Herculoids head for the Valley Of The Lost Lake. There, Gloop, Gleep, Tundro, and Dorno's arm turn invisible. Space Ghost, who has been tracking the magnalite, arrives, and sends the fragment back into space. Once this is done, the invisibles become visible again. The Herculoids capture Eezo and his followers, and return them to King Zel.
11 "Mindbender" November 21, 1981
Dorn, Gloop, and Gleep are playing and discover an unearthed metal cylinder which contains an alien big-brained alien. When they release him he reveals himself to be a member of race that ruled Quasar thousands of years ago. The Herculoids seem powerless against his powers of telekinesis. Finally Zandor manages to defeat the alien by grabbing his amulet. When the Mindbender threatens to destroy him, Zandor tossed it back into the cylinder. It's a fake and when the alien is in the cylinder they seal it and put him back into stasis.

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