Similar to his predecessor, Tom 1.0 occasionally delivered motivational, introspective speeches interspersed with clips from Toonami's shows. Tom 3.5 would continue this trend years later.


Toonami - Anger (Tom) 1080p HD01:31

Toonami - Anger (Tom) 1080p HD

Toonami - Anger Speech

"We've all been angry before. [...] Some of us let it go, some don't. [...] There's nothing wrong with being angry. It's all in how you deal with it. [...] Anger can be a motivational tool. [...] Rage can hold you back. [...] Vegeta is a perfect example of a rageaholic. [...] He can't let go, so he stays angry for a long time. [...] But Piccolo deals with his anger; it helps him focus. That's what makes him so dangerous. [...] The trick is to not let your anger fester. [...] You have to turn it into something positive. [...] Otherwise, you'll never learn from your mistakes and be angry forever. Later."

Brains vs. BrawnEdit

Toonami - Brains Vs01:01

Toonami - Brains Vs. Brawn (Tom) 1080p HD

Toonami - Brain vs. Brawn Speech

"There are two types of heroes in this world. You've got the brainy ones, and you've got the brawny ones. [...] I know what you're thinking: which one's better? [...] Smart heroes think their way around problems. [...] They look at a situation and see what needs to be done. [...] They also get a little technical assistance. [...] Strong guys are different, but not quite as pleasant, sometimes downright ruthless. [...] In the end, brains or brawn alone just isn't enough. You gotta go with the middle ground. [...] It's the journey that's important, not the path you take."


Toonami - Courage (Tom) 1080p HD01:01

Toonami - Courage (Tom) 1080p HD

Toonami - Courage Speech

"There's no substitute for guts. [...] I'm talking about gumption, bravery, courage. Courage means having the strength to resist opposition and danger or hardship. [...] It could be a lot of things. Sticking by your friends takes courage. [...] Being yourself takes courage. Think of any of your favorite heroes, they have courage in spades. [...] Even some of the bad guys have it. [...] But most don't. Size isn't a factor, neither is strength. [...] It can't be measured except in actions, so you've got to let your actions speak for you. Take it easy for now. Store up that courage, you never know when you're gonna need it."


Toonami's Individuality Speech01:00

Toonami's Individuality Speech

Toonami - Individuality Speech

"There's a new milenium on the way, and you've got a decision to make: are you going to be like everyone else, or are you gonna forge your own path, be your own person, an individual? [...] Webster says individuality is a total character indistinguishing individuals from others. [...] You know, somebody who stands out in the crowd who's a little different. [...] It could be hair, clothes, or just a different outlook. [...] An individual takes responsibility for their actions and refuses to let anyone tell them what to do. [...] Being yourself isn't always easy, sometimes, you gotta take some licks. [...] In the long run, it's the only thing that makes you who you are, so don't give it up. [...] I'm outta here."


Toonami Speeches - TOM's Experience Speech01:01

Toonami Speeches - TOM's Experience Speech

Toonami - Experience Speech

"Have you ever been experienced? [...] Experience is something you can only learn from time. There are no shortcuts. [...] It means learning lessons and applying them. [...] It's something a lot of people overlook but shouldn't. Master Roshi a good example. He's a little old, so he gets underestimated. He's got experience on his side. [...] That makes him tougher than they think. [...] In time, always know the tradition: new talents are revealed, new skills learned, and old ones mastered. A true master lets time teach the lessons and never forgets what he learned. Those who don't are doomed to failure. [...] Keep it real."


Toonami Tom's Speech - Parenting01:01

Toonami Tom's Speech - Parenting

"It’s time to talk about an unpleasant subject. […] Some parents have a hard time keeping the rug clean, but some parent’s responsibilities are even more involved. Think of it as field training a child. […] It’s not what they’re eating, but what’s eating them. Evil warlords, desperate criminals, the occasional booby trap. […] The Quests have it all to a science. […] Goku’s approach is cerebral. It still works though. […] It takes a special person to let their child go in harm’s way, a special kid too. Let your parents know how tough it could be. Just don’t tell them I told you."

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