TOM 5 in Shogo 162
Similar to his predecessors, Moltar, TOM 1, & TOM 3.5, TOM 5 has now continued the tradition of delivering motivational, introspective speeches interspersed with clips from Toonami's shows. In his first speech, "Equality", SARA also delivered a couple lines.


Toonami - Equality Speech01:34

Toonami - Equality Speech

TOM 5 Equality Speech

TOM: "Hey SARA, I've been thinkin' about something you said."

SARA: "Why did the computer go to the doctor?"

TOM: "Uh, no, wait, what?"

SARA: "Oh nothing, just an A.I. joke, what's up?"

TOM: "So people should all be equal right?"

SARA: "Yeah it's 2013, everyone knows that by now."

TOM: "Well some people don't, that's the problem. […] And they don't want you to even try because they're afraid."

SARA: "And so they want you to be afraid?"

TOM: "Right. […] They'll tell you you're not strong enough, smart enough, or talented enough to do what you wanna do. But here's the thing, you can't ever give into their fear. It's always their waiting for you, but if you give in it will stop you from doing anything."

SARA: "Well that stinks, because you can do anything. You really, really can."

TOM: "No matter what your sex, race, or creed. […] You can be strong, you can be smart, you can be equal. […] Try to remember that when anyone tells you you're not capable of something, or you don't deserve something, or you don't belong somewhere. […]"

SARA: "I may be an A.I., but I know one thing. You humans are created equal."

TOM: "Everyone is capable of greatness, including you. […]"


Toonami Speech - RESPECT01:11

Toonami Speech - RESPECT

TOM 5 Respect Speech

"I think its time we talked about Respect. How to earn it, when to give it, and what it's good for. Seems to me a lot of folks these days don't care much about respecting other people. […] Everybody wants to get respect, but nobody seems to wanna give it. […] Maybe in this anonymous computer age some of us have forgotten what its like to be human. […] Sure its fun to be right and of course you wanna win, but that doesn't mean you can be a jerk. […] You can't go around saying the world owes you something, or anything for that matter. […] You gotta get out there and earn that respect. And one good way to make sure you get respect, and get what you deserve, is to give a little respect. So before you fire off another smite, take a second, and just think about it. […] Respectfully yours, TOM."


TOM Speech - Positivity01:01

TOM Speech - Positivity

TOM 5 Positivity Speech

"I know how it feels sometimes. The world can look bleak, times can seem tough, and somedays, nothing's gonna go your way. […] But you can't let that break you down. You can't let that change who you are. […] You're gonna have to dig deep and find that extra positivity to keep the grind from grinding you. […] Whether that's staying positive when everything seems against you. […] Or being positive and helping someone else out. […] There's one thing I'm sure of, positivity will be your light in the darkness. […] Now let's get back out there and keep fighting the fight. […]"


Toonami - Bullies Speech01:21

Toonami - Bullies Speech

TOM 5 Bullies Speech

"It's time to talk about my least favorite kind of person, bullies. […] We've all dealt with a bully at some point. […] Even the bully was once the one being bullied. […] They want to break you down emotionally, and sometimes physically, and when that happens you've got two choices. To perceiver and become stronger, or believe those guys and let 'em win. […] Here's the essential truth about bullies, believe it or not, they're scared of you... for real. They're terrified of anyone who doesn't fit their mold, who has their own ideas, who's unique. And that my friend, is the best kind of person to be. […] So remember, being unique doesn't mean being alone. […] Because it's true what they say, living well is the best revenge. […] So keep up the good work, and tell 'em TOM sent you. […]"


FRIENDS - Toonami Speech01:08

FRIENDS - Toonami Speech

TOM 5 Friends Speech

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, life can be pretty tough sometimes. But one thing that can make it better is a friend. Whether it's a shoulder to cry on […] or someone to watch your back, a real friend will always be there for you. […] But being a true friend is just as important. […] Lending a hand when they need it, […] or not judging someone for who they are. […] A friend is a powerful weapon. […] So if you're feeling down, reach out for a friend. And when you're feeling good, look to give someone else a boost. […] Cause we're all in this together, so we might as well be friends."


Life Advice (Part Two) - Toonami Speech01:01

Life Advice (Part Two) - Toonami Speech

TOM 5 "Help" Speech

"Time to talk about the rollercoaster of life. Now we've talked about this before, but there are two things we wanted to stress. When you're down, don't stay down on yourself. […] Things will turn around, trust us. If there's anyone who knows about coming back against all odds, it's Toonami. […] But almost as important as that is this. When your'e up, help somebody who's hurting, someone who needs it. […] A friend, a neighbor, some dude down the street. Look around and see what you can do to help. […] If we're gonna get through this thing, we all need to pitch in. […] Cuz you can't spell Toonami without "U" and "I". Well, you know what I mean."


Dreams - Toonami Speech (2016)01:31

Dreams - Toonami Speech (2016)

TOM 5 "Dreams" Speech

"When you were a kid and you specialized in dreams. […] now that you're older does that mean you have to forfeit them. […] Maybe your childhood dreams did come true. […] But if they haven't, don't give up. […] The truth is when you get older sometimes things don't always turn out the way you hope they would. […] responsibilities can take over and endless possibilities start to narrow. […] So you gotta do what you gotta do, handle that business. But keep your dreams intact. […] It's never too late to suit up and take the journey to make those dreams a reality. […] Believe in yourself. Create your own destiny. Don't fear failure. It's all as true today as when you were 12. […] Now get crackin'."

Sometimes the Bad Guys WinEdit

Sometimes The Bad Guys Win - Toonami Speech (2017)01:01

Sometimes The Bad Guys Win - Toonami Speech (2017)

"Here's something they don't often tell you in movies or TV shows, sometimes the bad guy wins. […] It happens. But you can't let that stop you. You can't just give up and not try anymore. […] You have to do your part to fight back. […] Not with your fists, but with your words and your actions. […] Don't just sit there. Get up. Raise your voice. […] And let the world know that you're not gonna take it lying down. […] You're gonna try, you're gonna help, you're gonna make things right. Because together, we can do anything. […]"

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