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Toonami: Pre-Flight is the official Toonami live-streaming show that launched on February 27, 2015. Pre-Flight streams on every Friday (previously Tuesday) at 6:30 PM EST, and then re-airs each day at 6:30 PM EST.[1] The hour-long show is hosted by Jason DeMarco and Gill Austin. Archived episodes can be viewed on up to two weeks back at a time or downloaded from Toonami Digital Arsenal.


There are several different segments on the show, some of which will be regular, such as "Question of the Week."

Question of the WeekEdit

"Question of the Week" is a segment where the 2 hosts answer a fan submitted question from the official Toonami Facebook page.

Sneak PeakEdit

Sneak Peak gives viewers a first look at the newly created Toonami piece (Game Review, Promo, AMV) that will air during the Toonami broadcast. The piece is then discussed by the hosts.

Blum RoomEdit

Steve Blum, the longtime voice of TOM, has his own segment on the show where he discusses interesting topics such as his trip to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

U Tweet, Me WatchEdit

Dana Swanson, voice of SARA, watches a pre-2000 anime series suggested by fans on Twitter and reviews it. You can suggest a series for Dana to watch on Twitter and she may review it.

Fan PromoEdit

Fan created promos, AMVs, etc. are shown and discussed. Promos featured will also be posted on the Toonami Tumblr. Jason and Gill also mentioned that some of these videos may end up on the Toonami broadcast at some point.

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