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Toonami Faithful is a Toonami fan site that features Toonami news, a Toonami related forum, as well as a podcast that focuses solely on Toonami. The podcast was created by site creator, Paul Pescrillo, and host and producer, Jose Argumedo. The podcast has featured many guests including Toonami co-creator, Jason DeMarco, the voice of TOM, Steve Blum, the creator of Megas XLR, George Krstic, etc. After 100 episodes, Jose left the show to pursue other opportunities, and Sketch took his place as host from episode 101, onwards.

Toonami Faithful with the help of Chad Bonin were responsible for setting up the Toonami Panel at MomoCon and their podcast has been featured on the official Toonami Tumblr.

Toonami Faithful PodcastEdit

  • Podcast #2: Richie Branson, Rapper behind the "#BringBackToonami" and "Toonami's Back Bitchies" songs
  • Podcast #4: Kyle Hebert, voice actor in shows such as Bleach and DBZ for a panel on piracy
  • Podcast #5: Kadeshflow, Rapper behind the "Toonami Faithful" theme
  • Podcast #8: Hush, Musician behind the "Toonami Mix Beat Tape"
  • Podcast Exclusive #1: Kyle Hebert, On Camera at AFO
  • Podcast #9: Mike McFarland, ADR Director and Voice Actor for many FUNimation properties
  • Podcast #11: Jargon and JFKrateZ, Rappers featured on the Nerdcore Absolution album
  • Podcast #14: Jason DeMarco Interview
  • Podcast #16: Kadeshflow and Hush, Musicians of various nerdcore raps and Toonami themed music
  • Podcast Exclusive #2: Richie Branson, On Camera Interview while on tour with MC Chris
  • Podcast #21: Brain Ige, Viz Representative to discuss Neon Alley 
  • Podcast #22: George Krstic creator of Megas XLR Interview
  • Podcast Exclusvie #3: Steve Blum, voice of TOM Interview
  • Podcast #24: Vic Mignogna, Voice Actor on shows like FMA and Bleach
  • Podcast #35: Richard Epcar, Voice Actor on Ghost In The Shell discusses Robotech, Kickhear and Ghost In The Shell
  • Podcast #37: Kadeshflow, Musician on Nerdcore Absolution
  • Podcast Exclusive #4: MoMoCon Interviews, On Camera Interviews with Steve Blum and the Toonami Staff
  • Podcast #40: Glenn Bartlet from Toonami Asia Interview
  • Podcast #41: Michael Hefferon, president of Rainmaker Entertainment, creators of ReBoot Interview
  • Podcast #43: Jason DeMarco Interview on IGPX
  • Podcast #48: Dana Swanson, voice of SARA Interview
  • Podcast Exclusive #5: Kadeshflow, On Camera Interview, so-called "Lost Interview" by the staff
  • Podcast #52: On Year Anniversary, Features All Previous Guests In The Intro And Various Fans
  • Podcast Exclusive #7: Bryce Papenbrook, Voice of Kirito from Sword Art Online from Anime Boston
  • Podcast Exclusive #8: Zach Bolton, ADR Driector for FUNimation from Anime Boston
  • Podcast Exclusive #9: Kyle Hebert, Second On Camera Interview from Otakon
  • Podcast Exclusive #10: Shinichiro Watanabe, On Camera Interview with the director of Cowboy Bebop and upcoming Space Dandy from Otakon
  • Podcast Exclusive #11: Malie Flanagan, On Camera Interview with Emmy-Awarding Voice Actress who plays Naruto
  • Podcast #60: George Krstic, Returning guest to talk about Megas XLR and Clone Wars
  • Podcast #64: Cherami Leigh, voice of Asuna from Sword Art Online Interview
  • Podcast #67: Chris Prynoski, founder of Titmouse Inc.
  • Podcast #68: J. Michael Tatum, voice Actor on shows like Soul Eater and One Piece
  • Podcast #74: Jason DeMarco, Interview #3
  • Podcast #76: Jim Zub, writer of the Samurai Jack Comic Book
  • Podcast #79: Sonny Strait, voice Actor of TOM 1, Krillin from DBZ, Usopp from One Piece, etc.
  • Podcast #81: EJ River, Marketing Specialist For Aniplex USA
  • Podcast #83: Monica Rial, voice actor of Shirow from Deadman Wonderland.
  • Podcast #86: Joel McDonald, voice actor of Meow on Space Dandy.
  • Podcast #87: Michelle Ruff, voice actor of Rukia on Bleach.
  • Podcast #94: Megas XLR 10th Anniversary Special, featuring show creators, George Krstic, Jody Schaeffer, Chris Prynoski and lead designer, Edward Artinian.
  • Podcast #95: Start of Ghost In The Shell month, a celebration of the franchise's 25th Anniversary. Features Richard Epcar, voice actor for Batou.
  • Podcast #96: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, voice actor for Motoko Kusanagi on Ghost In The Shell.
  • Podcast #98: Alexis Tipton, voice actor of Honey on Space Dandy.
  • Podcast #100: Live call-in show with fans of Toonami from all over the world calling in. Also, Jose's final episode on the show, as he is now pursuing a career at CNN.
  • Podcast #102: Cassandra Lee Morris, voice of Suguha Kirigaya from Sword Art Online.

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