Toonami France

Toonami France

Cartoon Network Block

Network Cartoon Network France
Launched 2001[1]
Cancelled 2008


Launched February 11, 2016[2]

Toonami is a television channel that launched in France on February 11, 2016.[2] It was also subsequently launched in several other French-speaking territories, including parts of Africa.[3] It is operated and distributed in France by Turner Broadcasting System Europe, Inc., a Time Warner company.[2] The channel is named after the Toonami programming block created in the United States (a version of which was formerly aired in France on Cartoon Network), using a logo similar to the one introduced in 2004 but with different branded promos that are also used in Asia. The programming consists of superhero series such as Justice League, Beware the Batman and Ben 10. Unlike its predecessors, Toonami Asia and Toonami India, the programming featured on Toonami France is dubbed into the country's native language. Similar to Toonami Asia's editing polices, a number of shows and movies have been edited to remove "graphic" violence. As a result, the majority of DC Animated Films have been censored.

The channel features a Toonami Movies block through which various feature films and direct-to-DVD movies will be shown. The channel will also offer a catch-up service, Toonami Max via cable, tablet, mobiles and PCs. The service will have 145 hours – or 400 episodes – of catch-up programming.[4]



Toonami France 2002

French homepage from 2002



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