Toonami Stream
The Toonami Stream is the official live-stream of Toonami content that launched on August 25, 2015, and streams on daily. The stream consists of a rerun of the Toonami broadcast, from 4 weeks prior, from Sunday at 5:00 AM to Monday at 5:00 AM. Followed by the beginning of a week long marathon of a Toonami series from the past or present, that changes each week. The stream also includes an airing of the previous week's episode of Toonami: Pre-Flight every 3 hours, until Friday at 6:30 PM when a new episode of Pre-Flight premieres.

Until September 14, 2015, Each week's Toonami stream began on Tuesday, but after the Toonami broadcast began repeating from Sunday to Monday, each week's marathon now begins on Monday. On August 19, 2016, it was announced, on the Toonami FaceBook page, that the rerun of the Toonami broadcast would now be of the broadcast from 4 weeks prior, instead of the previous weeks broadcast.[1]

Marathon ScheduleEdit


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