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Toonami Wiki is a fan made project dedicated to providing information about the history, shows, and universe of Toonami. Toonami Wiki fully supports and fully promotes the revived Toonami on Adult Swim, as well as the hardworking staff of Toonami. We also support any fan made websites or projects that support and do not impede the success of Toonami such as Toonami Digital Arsenal. - Toonamifan16229 (talk) (The former bureaucrat and main adminstrator of Toonami Wiki) 


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Current Toonami Series

DBZ Kai2 Kill la Kill1 M&H1 SAO II1
Shippuden1 OnePiece2 Attack On Titan1

DBZ Kai Independence Day Marathon

On Tuesday, June 23rd, it was announced on Toonami: Pre-Flight that there will be a Dragon Ball Z Kai marathon on July 4, 2015. The marathon will be a chance for viewers to catch up on episodes they might have missed, as the last 6 episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai that will have aired up to that date will be shown. An episode of Attack on Titan will close out the marathon at 3:00 AM.

Toonami News From MOMOCON 2015

2 new series were announced during the Toonami panel at Momocon 2015, Michiko & Hatchin will replace InuYasha The Final Act on June 20, 2015 and Akame ga Kill! will replace Kill la Kill on August 8, 2015. Additionally, it was announced that The Intruder II is coming in October, the long-awaited comic, that ties into The Intruder II, is coming in September and a Toonami app will be launched in the Fall, around the same time The Intruder II premieres.

Update: Michiko & Hatchin are joining Toonami, replacing Inuyasha: The Final Act. Sword Art Online II is moving to 1:30a. Full Schedule below:

The Intruder II

Intruder II

The fifth Toonami Total Immersion Event, The Intruder II, will premiere in October of 2015 and will span 5 weeks.

Watch the original Intruder in its entirety here.

Weekly Double Dose of DBZ Kai

Dragon Ball Z Kai

Adult Swim now airs an encore presentation of the prior week's DBZ Kai episode at 8:00 PM on Saturday nights. Unfortunately the reruns are not part of Toonami but new episodes of DBZ Kai will continue to air during the Toonami block on Saturday nights.

Toonami Merch is Finally Here

Toonami shirts are now available for purchase from All shirt designs come in long and short sleeves. See shirt designs below.

Toonami T-Shirts Promo00:21

Toonami T-Shirts Promo

New Dragon Ball Series Coming July 2015

DB Super
Toei Animation has announced production on Dragon Ball Super (Japanese title; tentative for English release), the first all-new Dragon Ball television series to be released in 18 years. Following the recent events of the hit feature film, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, Dragon Ball Super will debut in Japan in July 2015.

Reuniting the franchise’s iconic characters, Dragon Ball Super will follow the aftermath of Goku’s fierce battle with Majin Buu, as he attempts to maintain earth’s fragile peace. Overseen by Dragon Ball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama and produced with Fuji Television, Dragon Ball Super will draw on its historic past to create a bold, new universe welcoming to fans and endearing to new viewers.

Read the official press release from Toei Animation here

New Stuff From June 27, 2015

Countdown to Toonami

Current Toonami Schedule

Schedule-Michiko Hatchin
Schedule-SAOII 2
Schedule-Shippuden 2

List of Toonami Lineups (1997-Present)

Toonami Poll

Do you think TOM 5 will be destroyed during the Intruder II?

The poll was created at 19:01 on July 1, 2015, and so far 0 people voted.

Have an idea for the next Toonami Poll? Toonami Poll Archive

Random Toonami Series

Korgoth title card

Random Toonami Movie

Return of the Joker

Toonami: Pre-Flight

Toonami Pre-Flight
Toonami: Pre-Flight is the official weekly Toonami live-streaming show hosted by Toonami staff members Jason DeMarco and Gill Austin. Pre-Flight streams on every Tuesday at 5:00 PM, the stream then repeats after its completion on a continuous loop until the following Tuesday.

Watch the stream on

You can also visit the official Toonami Facebook page to answer a new question asked by the staff each week.


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