Unidentified Ship 1

The Unidentified Ship is a mysterious vessel that appeared in the Toonami Total Immersion Event Lockdown. The ship, whose pilot has never been revealed, sent out a scrambled distress message that was received by the Absolution, causing TOM to set a course toward the origin of the signal. Once the Absolution reached the signal's origin, it became trapped in the tractor beam of a massive trash compactor, which had also ensnared the unidentified ship. Ultimately, both the Absolution and the unidentified ship were freed through the efforts of the Toonami viewers and the DOKs. After which, the unidentified ship flew away, leaving TOM wondering who was in it. The distress message was described by SARA as being close to 2000 years old. She also translated the message, which read, "Do not attempt to enter this area. Please help, we have been caught in a tractor beam and are being sucked in."


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