WARNING! RyanMcQueen02844 is a helpful user by using Bandicam. Well... *facepalm*.

He's trying add things Logopedia, Simpsons Wiki and Toonami Wiki. (To RyanMcQueen02844) Stop adding things, it's just a truth.

In other news: Toonami is approaching FLCL in 2018.

In another news: Clyde 57s has been destroyed after the events of Countdown!

In another news (again!): TOM 5 is not dead after the events of Countdown... here's this picture.
Bandicam 2017-11-26 15-17-16-745

You will ask - "When FLCL in 2018?" Leave the comments!

P.S. Please don't block RyanMcQueen02844, he's good.

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