Toonami on-screen logo 20th Anniversary March 2017

Happy Anniversary, Toonami!

For those who waited after 5th10th, and passed the 15th Anniversary like April Fools 2012, you are the Toonami fans whose excited the 20 Year Anniversary, under the Classic Pipes set on the former Cartoon Network block. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, here's the videos on 5th and the 10th anniversaries, also an April Fools Hodgepodge:

Yep, another anniversary from TOM 5 and SARA 4.0's era, I really like it VERY VERY VERY MUCH, including Toonamifan55, Toonami1997, AceAttorney9000 and others.

Thanks for all of you who excited the 20th anniversary, and yeah, leave the exciting face like this "😃" in the comments below.

Thumbs up, Toonami's 20th Anniversary! 👍