Friend's Getting Stronger!

Friend's Getting Stronger


Cartoon Network (Toonami)

Broadcast Date

May 20, 2006

Zatch Bell!: Friend's Getting Stronger! is a one-hour English-only special reviewing the events from episodes twenty seven to fifty two of the Japanese anime Zatch Bell!. Friends Getting Stronger was the second of two recap specials created specifically for the English dub, with the first being Zatch Bell!: Zatch and Kiyo's Odyssey.

The special premiered on Cartoon Network's Toonami block on May 20, 2006.


During the special, Kiyo and Zatch look back on all that has happened to them (through episodes 27-52), and all the friends they have made.



  • Zatch Bell & Kiyo Takamine
  • Kanchomé & Parco Folgore
  • Tia & Megumi Oumi
  • Wonrei & Li-en
  • Kido & Dr. Riddles


  • Lupa & Purio
  • Hige & Zoboron
  • Cut & Paste
  • Grisor & Dr. Hakase
  • Zabas & Galliont
  • Baransha & Garza
  • Bago & Fredo
  • Zeno & Dufort
  • Bari & Gustav
  • Penny & Uri
  • Milordo-Z

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Suzy Mizuno
  • Ponygon
  • Brago & Sherry
  • Apollo
  • Naomi
  • Kane
  • Danny & Mr. Goldo
  • Shion & Nya
  • Rushka
  • Praying Mantis Joe

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